Terrible customer service

There is no UK customer service in sight when you need to make an urgent order change/cancellation. No one available via the UK phone number at 10:15am UK weekday time and no one on online chat. But strangely very quick to take money and immediately mark an order as ‘Dispatched’ as ‘We work quickly to pick and pack your items’. Therefore absolving yourselves of any responsibility to correct any problems and pass on the costs of these changes to the customer.

I cancelled my subscription of original Huel on 5th Jan so I could subscribe to Black instead. New payment taken then. Noticed today I had received no emails yet about my order. I used to receive order shipped emails from Huel but these seem to have stopped or certainly weren’t received for this order. Logged onto your website, which used to be somewhat ok to navigate and find out whats happening, but is now a crapheap of misinformation. Whoever decided on the new layout was paid too much. Logging in I’m greeted with a window saying you have my order and it will will be dispatched shortly,

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.27.35

Wondering why my order still wasn’t dispatched after 2 days I checked subscriptions and saw the next delivery date was 2nd February. This date was the same as the original Huel subscription I cancelled. So I changed the delivery date to today, and now you’ve taken payment again! and there seems to be another order on the way that I was given no avenue to correct or cancel due to the shocking vacuum of customer service offered by Huel. I’ve raised a ticket but who knows when this will be answered and certainly not within a timeframe that can be effective. If you aren’t going to offer any customer service you’d think there would be a cancel next delivery option on the website or the order email, but this seems to be conveniently missing as well.

So thats £100 dropped on Huel this month, something I cannot easily afford. Pretty pissed off with Huel is an understatement. The product isn’t cheap for whats in it, but we pay over the odds for it because its convenient and healthier. What you can do though, is stop patting yourselves on the back so much and direct some of that media marketing budget into creating a better customer experience. One that doesn’t screw over your customers due to the misinformation on your own website.

For your records,
Order Number #1142937
Order Number #1147686



Update: DPD have now notified of a delivery today, but no change in the ‘we have your order’ on the Huel website. So we get an initial order email and then nothing until DPD advise of the 1 hour window, while the website still shows as order will be dispatched shortly.

I’m not from Huel I’m just another customer.
I’d suggest if you still can’t get them on phone or live chat, the best thing to do is refuse one of the deliveries when it turns up and tell DPD to return to sender.
When Huel get your parcel back the money will be refunded to your account. That’s the quickest, cheapest way to get the order you don’t want returned and refunded.

I think @Tim_Huel was going to get this issue on the website sorted (well not him personally but he’s been passing this feedback on to the website team) about clarifying delivery dates / dispatches etc and how it displays on your account. I agree it’s not clear and easily leads to duplicated orders.

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Hi Colin,

I promise, we’re all here and ready to help!

It seems like you may have caught us during our morning briefing. Whilst we do still offer Chat support over this time, it is limited and the exec may have been busy with other customers at this time. Feel free to reach out on Chat again and someone will happily help!

We also received your email at around 10:10am this morning so this is currently in the queue also.

We are aware that this is causing a bit of confusion amongst our Hueligans and it has been raised to the team. Your feedback will, of course, be added to this for future consideration.

I have contacted our fulfilment centre to see if there a possibility to cancel this order. Usually, we aren’t able to do this due to how quickly we pick and pack however I have asked nonetheless. I will respond to you directly via email when I hear back from them to let you know the next steps.

Please do bear with us whilst we are working through an incredibly busy period. The team are working from 7am to 1am GMT to answer queries as fast as possible however we are currently receiving upwards of 1.5k contacts per day.

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Thanks for your reply and information. Refusing the delivery was a route I was thinking about earlier. Unfortunately I then read on the website that Huel will charge £10 for refused deliveries. Thats what I was referring to by the costs of order changes being passed onto the customer. But anyways, its good to know this website issue has been highlighted before and something will hopefully be changed in the near future.

Thanks for getting back to me. Its a relief to have some contact.

Order #1142937 looks to be the one to be delivered in about an hour by DPD, so I doubt you can cancel this in your fulfilment centre. Order #1147686 would be the one to try and cancel please.

Chat was completely offline at the time of my issue, I was directed via chat to raise a ticket instead.
A team briefing would be cause for calls not to be answered and going straight to voicemail. However, I work on a 24/7 helpdesk and we seem to manage this better than yourselves who are an office hours only helpline. It would make sense to have meetings outside of line opening times.

Again, highlighting that an option to cancel an immediately placed order via the website would have negated the immediate need for customer service and my cry for help.

ChristinaT advised my problem with website information isnt unique. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

I look forward to your email reply with hopefully cancelling the order with a chance of success.

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Fag break I reckon it was and I believe there is only one person in customer service, who is called @hunzas who is a top bloke sorting out personal ailments. He should be made official Huel rep on this forum :smiley:

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My dedication gives me RSI

Ouch! I didn’t know about that :scream::flushed:

But surely that would depend on why it’s been refused. If it was an issue on Huels side and out of the customers control there shouldn’t be a £10 charge surely. If it was me I would of refused delivery and also inform Huel and if they still insisted there would be a £10 charge I would contact the CAB for advice.


I made an order and contacted Huel via live chat literally 2 mins after I had placed the order as I changed my mind about the flavour I wanted. Asked if they could cancel and they said no as they were dispatching - within less than 2 mins of my order being placed. So I would not hold such luck of an immediate option to cancel straight after ordering as they do their dispatch really fast it seems.

1500 contacts a day is an amazing issue to solve for any business! :scream:

Well, I didn’t receive that email from you, or any further contact from any individual at Huel following this up. You had a chance to correct the customer service failure from yesterday, but looks like you’ve chosen not to do so.

Second order arrived today. I opted to accept it because it irks me to be charged by Huel for a return because of a mistake Huel have caused. So, £100 on powdered food…unreal! I’ve checked my account on the website just now and the errors that caused this have still not been corrected. Still misinformation provided. Reinforcing my initial statement that Huel move lightning fast to take payment and make orders untouchable, but move like sloths to correct problems. No email, no follow-up, and no correction to the website. What a disgrace. Thoroughly disappointed in yourselves for talk and no action.

Here’s a suggestion once you fix the website: If you are incapable of making changes to orders once placed, like other companies can, then how about adding a 10 minute grace period on the website so we can correct any problems without your involvement. Sounds good?


Ouch, then I truly had no chance. Even if they had sent the correct order reference to their fulfilment centre to cancel. I work in technical support so I am cynical by nature, but I do think the inability to amend orders is by design. It requires the hiring of less customer service agents if the reply is almost always ‘we cannot help you’. Can churn through tickets and calls much faster that way.

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Hi Olivia
I would appreciate if I got an answer to the mail I sent a week ago to sweden@huel.com. Also made a post on the forum with no reply either which I can understand since it was quite lengthy when I looked back on it :roll_eyes: but it would be nice to get a reply by email saying that we are looking into your issue and will get back to you as soon as possible instead of being dead silent.

I’m very happy having found Huel and never had to use customer service before but it could certainly improve a bit as no one should have to wait a week for a simple reply in my opinion even if it doesn’t solve the problem straight away.