Canceled after last taken today

I cancelled my subscription because I could not manage when the funds were taken from my account, I am sure you knew that I only had £50 left in my account just to make sure I could only use Huel and not eat anything else. Jokes!!! Anyway. I checked after cancelling last year!! I had no scheduled deliveries and no subscriptions, I checked again and this is still the case. You have decided to ‘steal’ money from my account today, thankyou for that. It is theft, it is not your companies money you have no right to take it, the subscription was cancelled.
Please could you refund the money. This is getting like NEtflix and all the other dirty subscription type money schemes, you have 5o be Gandalfs love child to figure out how to cancel and get any stolen funds back.
I love your products but struggled to cancel a subscription first time round and had to send a severed fingure to customer services to get it put on hold. Stupidly I subscribed again, I only use Huel during the summer months when I am away alot.
I have emailed!!!

Hey Adam, thanks so much for the message. So sorry about this, cancelling subs should be super easy so not sure what has happened here but I’ve no doubt we will sort it out. We’ve got a full team working hard to get to you and will get to your email as soon as we can and resolve this for you - don’t worry!

Clearly Adam your issue here is something else that we need to resolve ourselves. But for anyone else having trouble cancelling subs, then you just need to head into your subscriptions and press cancel.


if you were using paypal as an ongoing sub, it helps to cancel this directly in paypal.

I had cancelled months ago.

I have cancelled months ago…you keep telling people to just go in and cancel subscription, unfortunately you can’t if it’s already been done …months ago.

This subscription problem will destroy this company…you need to sort it. I love your products but not the theft of my money.

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I’m just another user, trying to be helpful. If you did set it up with PayPal, huel can’t take from the account if you’ve stopped it within PayPal.

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…can you refund my money?

I didn’t use PayPa. Unfortunately you don’t expect to be robbed by this company. N

You keep spouti g this rubbish to people.
I had cancelled and now want a refund of £47

Sorry about the crappy misspelling this wonderful app does not let me see what the fook I am typing

Tim says they are going to deal with it, but they have a bit of a backlog.

Unfortunately, frustrating as it is, you will have to be patient.

Wtf!!! Are you lot doing? I have now received the email my order has been dispatched.
Do not send this!! I have cancelled the subscription and want a refund. I don’t want to have to send your product back and invoice you for hours time lost sorting this matter. I have been trying now for 2 hours in total. My hourly rate is £1047.12. please could you provide an address to send the products back to and where to send an invoice (You will no doubt post them) Many thanks Adam

When the parcel arrives, tell them to take it back. Then Huel will refund it.

If it takes you one minute to answer the door, your rate will be £17. Nice work if you can get it.

Err…I think it’s a bit late for that.

There do appear to be some serious issues at Huel’s end at the moment if recent threads are anything to go by.

I would refuse the delivery then it will automatically get set back to Huel and refunded to your account.
That saves you having to return it yourself which would cost time and money

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I’m having the opposite problem. My order from the 31st has disappeared completely off the face of the planet and no one can find any trace of it. Will I ever get my v3 UU? Seems unlikely. I’ve just received black edition though and I really like it so I’m happy with that for now.

Seeing the response of ‘we have a backlog’ to every customer who has an issue is really concerning. It shouldn’t take several days or weeks to get back to someone’s enquiry, and this is not a January busy time of year issue, I see many comments from people about this year round in the forum and reddit sub. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues yet but I dread the thought of having to deal with Huel CS if something goes wrong, seems like an absolute nightmare.

Huel brought out V3 with all its attendant problems, alongside selling off stocks of V2.3, closely followed by Huel Black with and without kelp. Oh and starting another scoopgate into the bargain. Not to mention revamping the online shop.


I’ve had quite a few issues over the past year and always found the CS brilliant, although unlike most people, I don’t expect an immediate response.
The live chat has improved things immensely - previously it sometimes took as long as a week to get a resolution but now you can speak to someone immediately which is great.
I honestly think they have really excellent customer service, it’s just a bit slow, and sometimes it seems like not everyone knows what the company is doing, where things are moving so fast, so you get incorrect information sometimes which isn’t great.
Having this forum is a really good idea because we can all help each other.
Personally I do think they need to invest a bit more in getting more staff in, instead of (or as well as) all the millions spent on marketing…

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