Canceled after last taken today

I’ve also found customer service from Huel to be good. I had a issue where DPD managed to trash one of the boxes for delivery and retape it up damaging one of the pouches and putting a hole in it in the process. I got an acknowledgement email same day when I raised it with CS and a replacement shipped 3 days later.
I sometimes think people have had their expectations raised about CS by massive companies like Amazon who have the revenues and resources to invest in huge CS operations. Good service is easier if you are very small scale (1 person business with few customers) or very large scale. Hardest is the transition point where you have thousands of customers but are still not hugely profitable because you are still paying down start up costs, investing in expansion and developing new products. Personally I think Huel are doing pretty well.


Having an open forum probably doesn’t actually help Huel in this. It is an easy place to come to have a moan, and people are more likely to voice an opinion if they have had a bad experience than a good one.

I’ve never had an issue with Huel in the nearly 4 years I’ve been a regular customer.

The era of social media is a nightmare when there is a customer service issue - Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot etc. means gripes are easily seen. Not that it is all bad, as it encourages them to keep on top of it.

Amazon mentioned above and eBay are weighted heavily against sellers on their platforms and will find favour with the customer before the seller has had time to resolve an issue.

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I am not having at Huels customer service in itself, they seem to be fine on the whole and the fact they are even active on this forum is a reflection of the ways in which they provide good CS.

There is no justification for the timing issue and constant backlog in my opinion however, especially in circumstances where people are left out of pocket or at a detriment due to no fault of their own. But I haven’t had any problem myself yet, I will see how my own experience goes if I ever need to get in touch with CS.

Haha I’m currently in England working, they would have posted it to my address in Scotland…this is why I wanted to cancel the shitty thing.

Hi please refund the £47 taken from my account without permission.

You’re quite rude to people who are only trying to help. If you’re not at home to sign for it, it’ll end up going back anyway, so you’ll still get your refund. Unless there’s someone at home who will sign for it? Tell them not to.

This “you are wankers, love you xxx” patter makes you look pretty bad.


Perhaps we need Boris and his cronies to build another Hadrian’s type wall to keep these obnoxious people out of our green and pleasant land.

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You do realise this isn’t an official Huel communication channel? It’s a user forum. We’re all customers. Just trying to offer advice based on our own experiences. If you don’t want that, we’ll leave you to it.


I don’t mind plain obnoxiousness, but I can’t abide such low quality sarcasm.


I’m another customer, offering help.
I don’t really appreciate being called names.
Even if I was someone from Huel, being rude is unlikely to get you the best results.
If your intention is to make them look bad, you are failing… because all you’ve done is insult every fellow customer


You earlier asked how to send it back.
I told you the easiest way to send it back…
Now you say you’re not able to send it back
I’m done trying to help.
I suggest you communicate directly with Huel via Live Chat.
You’ve come to a discussion forum for fellow customers and done nothing but be rude to everyone here.


Hahaha I have not insulted you. Hi bless your responsible for taking money out of my account…do you work for Huel? So then if I say refund my money I’m obviously not talking to my cat…he didn’t take the money from my account.

Are you just a troll?

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Unfortunately unless any of you have taken money from me then I am not talking to you when I say refund my money, I don’t know who you are, you are commenting in a “Huel” linked site I have not insulted any of you unless you work for Huel. If you do then refund my money you fooks!!! Oh and yes the more people review/comment on a companies performance the better the company will have to become or more than likely fail.
If you feel you have been insulted, get a grip you don’t work for Huel :joy:

I have been nice for 2 month’s and they still steal money.
Here’s a tip for you read what I have written “they” not you or any other customer “they”
I’m sorry if my manner makes you feel like I’m being crappy to you.

Temporarily locked the thread to attempt to get this back on topic. Please all that have responded so far with advice or otherwise please stop responding, we will sort this out.

Adam, I understand you’re frustrated by the situation you’re in. We received you’re email on Friday, but at the time there were 1700 emails in front of yours which is why we haven’t replied immediately. I’ve no doubt our team will get back to you very soon.

As the others here (who do not work for Huel) have suggested, our live chat option is a great way to get answers quickly, because oftentimes the answer is simple. Just head to and hit the chat icon in the bottom right. You could also call us on 01296 678516.

Please be courteous, polite and act here as you would in a public place. Swearing and name-calling will not be tolerated and I will amend this thread as such. You’re account is currently silenced, which is common practice with abuse. It will un-silence tomorrow (when I will unlock this thread too) when I hope you can talk to us here in a more appropriate way. I am happy for discussions around customer experience, although the forum is not generally a platform for this, but all conversations must be carried out politely and confirm to the rules of the forum.