Continuing problems - editing subscription


Is there any update on the problems people are having with editing subscriptions?

Last month I wanted to change the order and there was no way the website would allow me to, then as now there is a “Invalid flavours” error message and/or the totals are not updated if anything is changed. @Olivia_Huel kindly helped me get things sorted.

This time I only want to bring the date forward but yet again “Invalid flavours” appears and nothing can be changed.

I’ve tried it on, (with clearing caches, cookies etc):
Windows 10 Firefox, Edge, Chrome
Windows 8.1 Firefox, Chrome
Android, Chrome, Kiwi

Anyone from Huel willing to reply or help?

Hey there, so sorry for not spotting this one. I’ve just had a chat with the engineering team and it seems like an ‘old’ style subscription has been turned back on. Which explains why you can’t edit the sub. We have amended it to the ‘new’ sub style and returned it to 2 x Vanilla (what it was before). You should be able to go in and change this now yourself.

Let me know if that works for you (or doesn’t). Sorry again for missing this one.

Thanks for getting back to me @Tim_Huel

According to your system the next delivery date on screen was during April (I forget the exact date, maybe the 18th?). Which makes sense as it was on an 8 week cycle. I wanted to bring it forward to the 1st April and add something, a bag of U/U.

A couple of hours ago I received a text saying my Huel parcel will be delivered tomorrow, the 21st March - which was odd as nothing is due.

Now I am home I can check the details and can see that someone has made changes to my subscription that I did not sanction. The date of delivery will be before I wanted and I presume the date of payment will be as well. This could cause me a problem financially. Also I was not able to add the bag of U/U that I wanted.

How can I delay payment on this, soon to arrive delivery, till the day I wanted it to be paid?
Also, how will I receive the U/U that I wanted to, but was unable to, add - as it is a minimum 2 bag order?

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So @Tim_Huel it seems I’ve already had the money taken from my current account via PayPal, for a change that I did not agree to. Can you please respond.

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I’m on this now.


So frustrating I tried to postpone my huel subscription as I had a whole extra bag still to get through and the website just wouldn’t update. Luckily I was smart so took the money out of my account so Huel was unable to take the money, but this whole thing has frustrated me so much as I know this has been going on for months and I don’t have the time to go through long email discussions with Huel :frowning:

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Sorry you’ve been experiencing problems as well @AlexHoward
It is deeply frustrating isn’t it.
They’ve taken it to the messaging system but so far my issues have not been addressed, and I am still out of pocket with a week to go before I get paid.

Hi @Tim_Huel, @Olivia_Huel

I can see my message to you both was viewed on Friday so I wondered if I might get a response today? (I did send a second message on Saturday so I appreciate you may not have seen that yet).

This is mostly because I will need to sort something out financially ASAP if there is going to be no helpful solution from Huel on this payment/order that got triggered early in your system.

There is also the third bag I wanted but was unable to add because the order got triggered. I don’t know what was in the package received last week so I do not know if I need a further Vanilla or U/U. I am loathe to open the box because of how this has been dealt with so far.

I hope to hear from you soon

HI @Tim_Huel @Olivia_Huel

I’ve just seen this chain of comments and want to express I have problems editing my subscription too. I have a payment going out TOMORROW but what I want is to cancel my subscription entirely. I don’t seem to be able to cancel or edit to a later date.

Please can you get back to me ASAP. I have also emailed. Thanks!

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Hi @Tim_Huel @Olivia_Huel

Just echoing that I have similar website issues. I cannot skip an item from my next delivery (pop up says it is skipped but it is still there when I revisit the page) and I cannot change my next delivery date (17th May).

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Update: I was able to skip one item using Safari on IOS but not using Chrome on Windows 10 or MacOS. I can now view the updated state on Chrome on Windows 10.
However, although the change applied using Safari on IOS, the browser stalled with a progress spinner. After a couple of minutes I refreshed the page.


Glad you got some joy @DavidM1, still sounds problematic though?

Sadly no reply from @Tim_Huel or @Olivia_Huel to this thread or my PM. I hope you and @lilel got a response.

If you have emailed the team via this is the best way to get your issue resolved. Thanks for your patience in waiting for a reply. The forum is not the best place to have your subscriptions amended.

@hermitical it seems something went wrong with the forum DM, but have received your new follow up thread, and are responding now.

@Tim_Huel thank you for your reply.

I am replying to the message sent to me by @Olivia_Huel on this thread as you have been cut out previously and it is difficult to tell if you would see my reply via PM this time, furthermore Huel is not moving from their position so I need to keep this public.

Hi @Olivia_Huel

To reiterate:

  1. I complain two months in a row that your subscription service is not fit for purpose.

  2. Last month you amended the order, there was still a mistake and you offered to send me a free bag. I appreciated the kind offer but thanked you and said no.

  3. Thursday 14th March. This month I wanted bring the date forward to the 1st April, after I get paid, and add an extra bag. Huel’s supscription system is still not working so I post here.

  4. Wednesday 20th March. @Tim_Huel finally replies and tells me the team are looking into it and can see what the problem is. Within a few minutes an order is triggered for the wrong items and the wrong date. Huel’s faulty system says it is me. I deny it and ask why I would do such a thing.

  5. Thursday 21st March. The order arrives and in the meantime I am raising the issue of payment being taken for an order I didn’t place, and the payment putting my in an awkward financial situation. Plus the third bag I wanted is not part of the triggered order so I ask how Huel will sort this out. Tim messages me with wrong details about what I wanted, which is different to what he says in the thread above

  6. @Tim_Huel asks why I didn’t refuse the order - I say the order was left in the designated safe place, plus I would never have thought to refuse an order - furthermore this would mean I would have nothing - payment taken and goods refused.

  7. Tim says the only options are:

    If you would like a refund that’s absolutely understandable. You will need to post the package back to us, we can pay for your delivery :slight_smile:
    Or you can just keep the package

  8. Because of the financial difficulty this places me in I reiterate my request for them to refund payment and then take the payment again on the 1st April but please add the third bag to the payment and send that out to to me without any shipping cost. I feel this is a reasonable request.

  9. @Olivia_Huel just repeats Tim. Though they will now arrange collection (this is because I said that if a situation arose that I was happy sending the triggered order back I would not pay postage - I am later told they wouldn’t normally do this, as though they are bending over backwards). This would still leave me for a period without the money or anything to show for it as the return makes it way back and they then process the refund.

  10. Friday 22nd March. I ask why should I bear the pain when your system is so obviously not fit for purpose. Forum posts back this up. Also no mention is made of the third bag that I wanted. I cannot order this on its own. I have repeatedly asked for them to send it out without any shipping charges.

  11. I chase for a reply later that day via reply to PM (apparently there was an issue - there’s a surprise), and then the morning of Monday 25th on this thread.

  12. Today, Tuesday 26th March. Olivia just repeats the process above as their only viable solution though their position has changed in that a refund would be sanctioned when collection of the return was confirmed.

No mention of the third bag that I wanted but was unable to add to the subscription because your faulty systyem triggered an order?

Can I ask why Huel expected me to be out of pocket and with no goods for a period but I, as the customer, cannot expect you to be in that position for that same period? I assure you your pockets are deeper than mine. As I said by PM on Friday, this payment you took is literally more than I earned that day - this is why it was important for me to arrange the order for after my wages are paid in.

Today Olivia said:

I don’t understand why it was so easy to offer out a free bag one month but be so inflexible the next.

I don’t understand why I, as a customer, should bear the stress and inconvenience of all this, especially when I have already said they can take payment on the 1st April.

Huel’s chosen solution is:

I agree to return the triggered order
Huel arrange collection
Package is collected
Collection confirmed
Refund sent.
No time scale given on any of Huel’s steps in this

Then, at some point, possibly crossing over with the above, I have to try and amend my subscription, bringing it forward to next Monday, the 1st, and adding a third bag.

If amendment succeeds payment taken on 1st and order dispatched - Hopefully correct items this time as last month’s wasn’t. I don’t know about the one I received a few days ago because this uncertain situation has made me wary of opening it.

If the amendment does not succeed I am back to square one, and with Olivia saying the following today I am not filled with confidence:

Alternatively, Huel could show good grace (especially after I did last month).
Just allow me to keep the order that was triggered in their system, refund me till next Monday and then take full payment for three bags (not two), sending out the one I was unable to add because of their system’s failings. I wouldn’t need to do anything then for weeks, giving them more time to fix their system, and thus giving me more confidence that I can safely use it.

I feel stupid refusing the offer of a free bag that @Olivia_Huel made last month, an offer made because their system failed again.

If I had known then that my very small act of kindness, would mean naught, but instead would be effectively shoved back in my face, I may have thought twice and seized the opportunity.

Hi @Olivia_Huel @Tim_Huel

As there are no timescales given for Huel’s steps in your proposed solution, and I need to know urgently how to sort out the awkward financial situation I have been left in, I have a compromise to offer.

If I am able to get a friend to help me cover the shortfall caused by the errant order it would make things better for me. Would you then consider sending me the third bag that I wanted to add, at the very least without charging shipping?

In a fair and just world it would be free of charge because of the stress this has all caused me, especially as I know it is within your power to do so after you offered me a free bag last month (which I declined).

Does that sound like a workable solution? Please let me know ASAP so I can arrange things financially and if it is something you are prepared to work with then I will open the package from last week and let you know what the third bag should be.


If they are taking money for an order you didn’t make, they are in violation, and you can just go to your bank and issue a chargeback, the money will come back to your account and the vendor will receive a fine, now Huel will have to prove that you did create the order and that they were allowed to take the money.

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Many thanks for the advice @HuelZero but I’ve been told their system shows it as me making the order which is why they are taking the stand that they are.

I am hoping my compromise will be acceptable and it would help me greatly if I could get a response sooner rather than later.

This is all incredibly frustrating. I have already gotten one subscription delivered that I could barely afford.
It’s just sheer insanity that Huel would have a subscription system so messed up that you can’t even cancel an upcoming order. These issues have been ongoing for a month. I haven’t seen such unprofessional behavior in a long time.

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Hey there, I think there’s been some confusion here:

  • We said we would refund you as soon as the collection has been arranged, not after the package is collected. Via DM we have asked for you to confirm the best address for this collection to happen at. However this has now been refunded.
  • We can also sort out your sub too, like when you emailed in Feb I believe the team answered you pretty fast and to your satisfaction.

I would like to clarify that the forum isn’t a customer service platform, I am not part of the customer service team but do my best to help out with the more simple tasks when they arise. I’ve definitely made the situation worse here by giving you different information initially to the information later corrected by Olivia – I’m sorry.

This is why it is essential to always email the with your issue because, like the last time you emailed us, they dealt with your problem swiftly and to your satisfaction. Sometimes the response can be slower, but the result will be right. Messages on the forum cannot be tracked through our systems like social media and email can.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes it takes a couple of emails to establish what has happened and what needs to be done. This can cause frustration because you would like a resolution as soon as possible – but it does just take a few messages (via email) to work it out sometimes.

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