Unable to alter subscription -solved

Any ideas, I am unable to update my subscription, have had to purchase one off orders which is clearly more expensive. Have tried several browsers both pc and mac. UK based can’t even cancel sub. No response from huel other than an apology that they are busy (probably due to useless website). Should add that I get invalid flavour error or no error but no change.



Thought i’d post an update, Huel got in touch and updated my subscription, apparently there is a reason for the problems I faced and Huel sorted it.

I haven’t had any issues ordering or updating from my phone (recently). I wonder what the problem is.

quite frustrating, tried phone as well without any luck

I have just edited and brought forward a subscription order on my Android phone without any problem. I have also been able to edit orders on my laptop using chrome on Windows 7. Really strange how the Huel website is working fine for some people but not others :thinking:

thought i’d try the phone again android with chrome and same result.
Thanks Bee

Just out of interest, I use Puffin browser on Android.

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I have tried several but chrome and firefox are my normal choices

i tried skipping and cancelling an order last week, even got a screenshot of “order skipped” message (which i was skeptical about)… lo and behold, an order was dispatched the next day. i tried on a windows 10 desktop (chrome) and chrome on my iphone.

i like the subscription model but the technical issues make it difficult to recommend. i can’t order more, i can’t order less, i can’t skip and i can’t cancel… i can only switch my payment method to a card i can temporarily block - please keep us posted on any technical progress.

EDIT - tried this morning and i can amend subscriptions (e.g. flavours or quantities of bags) but still not cancel or skip them.

I’m having this same issue, I can’t update my subscription, or cancel it, and I get the invalid flavour message whenever I try. When I tried to cancel it just showed the spinning wheel for 25 minutes.

I really can’t afford to pay for a subscription I’m not going to be in to collect either so I have no idea what to do.

I haven’t had any of these issues but I’m wondering if the problem is that they’ve recently changed the names/descriptions of the flavours recently.
Has anyone who is having problems, tried to remove all flavour choices / quantities, or tried to swap their flavours around to see if that resets it?

I get an invalid quantity message if I have selected the wrong number of flavours for the number of bags in my particular order.

I managed to cancel a subscription successfully however, and set up a new one - no problems doing any of that.

I’ve also discovered that the skip button or the change order frequency option (no. of weeks) does work but does not apply to the next upcoming subscripton.

ie if you have a subscription set to dispatch 20th March, and your frequency is every 4 weeks, skipping seems to keep your 20th March dispatch, and skip your order after that to 8 weeks.
Similarly, if you order now and set the frequency to 4 weeks, then change the frequency to 10 weeks, your next delivery will still come 4 weeks from now as the next dispatch date is still the same.

So - for everyone having trouble - make sure you change your dispatch date not just your frequency or skip options.

@Tim_Huel @Olivia_Huel this either needs to be ‘fixed’ or the edit page needs to highlight the dispatch date and make it clear that the next dispatch needs to be altered if the changes need to apply to the next upcoming delivery and not subsequent deliveries.
Personally I think it makes more sense that if someone clicks skip, they want to skip their next delivery not the one after that… so the dispatch date should update automatically.

This ‘fix’ probably isn’t going to apply to everyone…
Seems like people are having lots of different issues

Yes that seems to be the case. As I’ve said before, mine is perfectly fine. I have added to an order, twiddled around with dispatch dates, subscription frequencies and flavours very easily and successfully. There has to be some explanation for this frustrating situation. Hopefully it will be sorted out asap.

You must be far better at twiddling than the rest of us @Bee


Practice makes perfect @Coup :sunglasses:

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Glad i’m not alone at least, some chance of it getting sorted, I have added flavours to my order but nothing else.

There was another thread a couple of weeks back with some of us having issues cancelling/amending subscription orders. For some of us, shrinking the browser window to get the mobile menu layout allowed us to cancel ok. May be worth a try to see if it helps if it’s the same problems and hopefully not new ones.

Can you walk me through the steps you are taking to try and cancel your subscription? The steps are as follows:

Manage :point_right: Edit :point_right: Scroll down :point_right: Cancel Subscription

Have you been in touch with customer support? I’ve checked out your subscription and it looks like the subscription was cancelled after it was ‘charged’. Which wouldn’t have done anything since customers can’t cancel orders after they have been processed. However, from what you’ve said I sure there’s something I’m missing - perhaps the ReCharge time stamps are wrong.

As ever, please contact team@huel.com as they are the pros.

Please see steps above. Could you let me know:

  • Your location (country)
  • Your browser and device
  • Have you followed the steps above and you’re getting an error message? Or can you not find the Cancel Subscription button?
  • If you’re trying to add something to your order, what are you trying to add?

That’s not the behaviour I’ve had of the skip button, I’ve just done the same and I’ve now got a delivery for 4 weeks from the date of the previous date of my sub. When changing the frequency surely it makes sense to change the dispatch date too, that’s not broken but just logical behaviour from customer journey?

Totally agree if seems people are have a variety of issues and none seem to be the same. I’d like to know some more information about the problems people are having. Please do try clearing cache and cookies etc. as well as trying different devices and browsers as this helps us identify any problems.

This was an error and gave people access to an old subscription interface which was exacerbating people’s problems. It’s now been removed.

I’d argue with this!
I’ve just had to help out two different friends with exactly this - one was editing the frequency and the other wanted to skip the next delivery.
It took all three of us over an hour to figure out that the next dispatch date wasn’t changing despite us skipping and editing repeatedly.
I’d say it’s logical that if you tell the system you want to skip a delivery and your next delivery is say 2 weeks away, it would assume you want to skip your next delivery and automatically adjust the next dispatch date.
Just looking at all the issues posted here on the forum proves my point - it isn’t occurring to the majority of people that the system isn’t updating the dispatch date for them.
I’m just saying - if you make it more clear that it’s the dispatch date that as a customer you need to change yourself manually rather than the skip or edit button, you might have far fewer people emailing in in a panic because they requested to skip an order but their next order still was sent to them.

I just use the edit button to change delivery date and/or frequency. Never felt the need to use ‘skip’ as edit mode does the job perfectly for me.

They could always get rid of the ‘skip’ button because it’s counterintuitive to skip the delivery after next. Every other single subscription service I have (and I have about six) - if you hit Skip, it will cancel the next upcoming delivery and then resume as normal for the delivery after that.