How on earth do you modify or cancel a subscription?

As title suggests , I have tried to change the content in a subscription , all that happened was I got sent double what I wanted , so does anybody know how to modify a subscription, tried cancelling but that doesn’t work either ? have tried on Mac , IOS windows , google phone , all I get is a spinny circle and a big dent in my credit card every two months , got enough huel now to lay a pretty sizeable garage base or patio , can anybody help ?


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I have no problem using google chrome - I havent tried any other browsers after they changed the subscribtion page, as Chrome was the only one I could use to make my alterations stick with the old one.
I admit I find the new layout a tad bit confusing but I managed to modify my two last orders regardless - both content in my subscription as well as the delivery date

Edit: I just tried adding to my subscription using safari on my iPhone - again with success, and it didn’t change the next delivery date. My suggestion would be to wait to hear back from the huel staff, hopefully @Tim_Huel can help looking into your problem

Works fine for me too. Both on Android and Windows 7/Chrome browser. I have added stuff, altered delivery dates and changed subscription amounts/flavours with no problem at all.
As has been said before, some people are having problems whilst others are not.

Ummm you could use the bags of Huel as weights while doing squats and lunges on the patio (that you’ve just built with all the other excess bags of Huel), and you’ll lose those @chickenlegz in no time :laughing:

Or email and ask them to stop your subscription and let you drink what what you’ve got !

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Show off… :roll_eyes: :grinning:


Thanks for letting us know and so sorry for the problems. Could you give it another go? We might have fixed it for you now.

The flavours you want may not have transferred across though, please could you confirm which flavours you would like? However, you should be able to do this from the account area now :crossed_fingers: please do try.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner .don’t know what your IT geeks did , but it worked . thanks