Subscriptions not working and it's starting to get expensive

The website is really awful, it’s slow and just doesn’t work. I can’t edit or cancel my subscription that’s coming in two days, even though I still have more than enough Huel for the next few weeks. I tried using the “Skip” button, the “cancel Subscription” and updating it, I either get a message that it’s been successful, but the shipment still appears, or it just loads forever without any change (I waited for 10+ minutes), and I tried this in Chrome as well as in Firefox.
This already happened last time, I had too much Huel left, but I still got the shipment and was charged for it, and I could barely afford it, I contacted customer support about it but never heard back. The website was working perfectly fine before the change, I really don’t know why you had to change it.

Same issue with changing the order date. Just need to push it back to the 15th

I don’t seem to have problems with the account management anymore.
At first, after the change, nothing was working for me.
Yesterday (or friday) I cancelled one of my subs and changed the next dispatch date
for the other sub, seems to be working fine here now.
Also using Chrome, both on my phone (android) and laptop (win10).

Changing the date works for me too, but you can’t change the date of an entire order, you have to individually edit each subscription within it.

Any one-off products which you previously added to the order then have to be cancelled as they still retain the old date, and re-added to the order with the revised date.

All in all, a bit clunky but at least it can be done.

All ok here. I don’t have any problems tweaking my subscription orders from time to time.

I changed the date of my next dispatch date and it worked fine on Saturday. Internet Explorer can be hit and miss for most things now, so I just stick with Chrome

I think they are changing support systems so maybe your email was caught in the migration.

I would first gather evidence that their systems aren’t working (record it, or take screenshots).

If anyone are receiving stuff they don’t want, either because they can’t afford it, or just because don’t want it, I will recommend you to just refuse delivery, so when the delivery company shows up, just say you didn’t order it, and it get shipped back to Huel and they should refund you.

If there are any problems with you getting your money back, and they won’t answer you after a fair amount of time, collect the non-answer as evidence, go to your bank and submit all of your evidence, and you will be able to issue a chargeback.

You can do this with anything you order online with your credit card.

Try a different web browser. I’ve noticed the website doesn’t work on Chrome. It does on Firefox though. As someone who works in IT, I haven’t tested Internet Explorer, but I can almost guarantee it’s going to have problems.

Ensure your web browsers are up-to-date as well.

It does work on Chrome for me - Mac OS X Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Works fine on Chrome for me. No problems at all using Windows 7.

I can’t add anything to my subscription order at the moment. The add button is there, it just isn’t an active button you can press. Tried for the past few days with no joy.