Skip or delete buttons not working

Hi, i know it has been discussed about a month ago, apologies but for me the problem is still there.

There seems to be no way to skip or cancel a delivery. None of the buttons work, just revert to the same screen as before or freeze. Trying to change the date of deliver to win time does not work either. Trying to delete “payment method” to prevent Huel from completing the order apparently is not an option.

There is no phone number or chat facility on UK site.

Emailed 24 hours ago and no response yet ( i know it is soon but i am i a panicky mode)

Delivery is queued for tomorrow. How do i stop it? Please, any ideas?

The only one i can think of is canceling my credit card but that seems a bit too much…

Thank you!

Ok, some hours and hair pulling later - this is how it can be done:

  1. worked only on mobile site for some reason
  2. find manage your account advanced full menu, I stumbled on it by trying to alter my delivery address first - like, 20 clicks deep…
  3. it has manage your subscriptions, where you can cancel

And Huel customer service never replied, despite multiple queries, the last one with URGENT PLEASE as subject line.

That multiplied by the fact that Huel managed to ship me a 100euro order without an ‘Order upcoming’ email warning, just a post factum message of ‘Thank you for your order, it has been shipped’ makes me close my account. Why don’t I now send 4 kg of unflavoured powder from France to UK by ‘secure recorded post’ postage both ways at my expense? Powder I never knew about till it shipped? Sme!

Honestly believe that Huel’s abysmal customer service + website design + failure to send even automated emails before shipment are a sign of a company that has only its own sales in mind, not any kind of customer satisfaction or retention.

Shame really.

Rant over, thank you.

I get that you were stressed out, but as someone who works in customer service, I can tell you that sending multiple emails makes no difference, and neither does putting URGENT in the subject line. It’s first come first served, generally. And while a reply within 24 hours is nice, it’s not a guarantee that’s ever been made. Bit unfair to call it abysmal service when 18 of those 24 hours were on a Sunday and the middle of the night. :slight_smile:

Anyway, glad you found where to cancel your delivery.

Thank you for your reply. Just proves the point i guess )

I do think an automated email a day before charging would be a good idea, though. Riverford, for example, do these for their weekly deliveries, letting you know it’s your last chance to modify or cancel your order.

I’m pretty sure those are supposed to be sent out, but the website had a makeover about a week and a half ago and some things aren’t working optimally yet. I received at least 10 shipping confirmations about my before-last order actually, I’m sure they’ll find a good middleground soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, and in fact I have just received such an email for my forthcoming order. So it is still happening following the website upgrade.

I hadn’t had one previously, but I think this must be because (for earlier orders) I’ve run out of Huel and therefore changed the date of the order so it’s been sent immediately. :blush:

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Hey there Natalie, sorry for all the problems here.

We believe that all issues regarding sub management have been sorted. To cancel subscriptions click:

Subscriptions → (View Delivery) → Edit → Cancel Sub is at the bottom

Number is here for you

See my above comments, however for anyone else reading if your order has been dispatched you cannot cancel it.

I would echo what @Bee has said, we work in chronological order. Sorry if it seemed like we were ignoring your request, the team are working as hard as they can and have a huge amount of emails.

We’re genuinely so sorry that was your experience. As described above, we were not ignoring you, just had a huge amount of emails to answer.

I’m pleased to say that we believe as of yesterday at 11 oclock there shouldn’t be anymore subscription management issues. I have just set one up and been able to change the despatch date no problem.

We do send these absolutely, please do check your spam email inboxes just incase.

Sorry again for the panic this caused you, I’m confident the issues are resolved.

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I have just tried to change my subscription flavours and can’t seem to make it work, although I know I have done this previously since the ‘upgrade’. Am I missing something obvious?

I take it you’ve done all this? Subscriptions > View delivery> Edit> Click Update Subscription when finished adjusting amounts/flavours.

I can change the delivery date and frequency, but when I go into manage subscription flavours it doesn’t come up with any options except to increase the number of bags of the current flavour. I tried the ‘add new item’ optiion, but then ended up with 2 subscriptions totalling double the number of bags I wanted, so I had to cancel it!

Strange. Is this on UK site?

Just to double check, as I’ve just done this on my subscription, you have reduced the amount of Huel you want on one flavour to zero, then increased the amount of Huel you want of different flavours to the amount you want?

Then clicked update, waited for it to spin (be patient it takes a little time) and this hasn’t worked?

The zero or 1 bag options aren’t coming up, I can only increase from 2 on the current flavour, the other flavours aren’t appearing at all. Screenshot_20190205-181503

Tim, why is it not possible to delete a default payment method when you have no active subscriptions?

Since Monday I’ve been having similar problems to Natalie and other users on this thread.


  • Monday morning (4th Feb): receipt of automated email stating subscription dispatch is set for Weds 6th.
  • Knowing I’m not ready for more Huel yet, I log in as soon as I see the email with intent to move date back one week.
  • There, an extra order is discovered to have been added to the account (!), so allegedly, £81.00 is due to be deducted from my account instead of the usual £40.50 for two bags. No ‘+’ flavours are selected on this extra order, but it is still on my account.
  • Attempted ‘Skip’ and ‘Cancel Subscription’ of the erroneous order results in a spinning ‘loading’ type icon spinning constantly, but nothing happens, as if the page has crashed.
  • Attempted ‘Edit’ of either the erroneous order or the order I have actually set up, results in the same spinning icon timing out and no change taking place after spinner timeout or window refresh.
  • I contact Huel via the ‘contact us’ section of the website (approx. 0900 on Monday), and as of 2100 on Tuesday 5th, no reply is received (I appreciate it’s reasonable to expect min 48hr response, but by his time it will be too late; money will already be leaving my account for something I did not order).
  • I then dial the telephone number (quoted by Tim above). I discover this line is useless, and results in an automated message stating something like an extension number is unable to receive any more messages. I decide to await contact from Huel Customer Services by email or phone, in relation to my ‘Contact Us’ message.

A day and a half goes by until (now, Tuesday night) I remember Huel are about ship a subscription and take payment for an order I haven’t made. Having received no reply from Customer Services, I log into my account to find the aforementioned problems still affecting the website/my account, and a second dial of the helpline number confirms the number is still useless (not expecting customer services to be open at this time but the same automated message remains).
As there is now no way to modify or cancel either order on the Huel site, I decide to set an expired card as ‘default’ payment mode, and delete the non-expired one, in the hope that this prevents payment from being processed. As it’s been so far impossible to contact Huel, I see no other option (other than cancelling my card itself, which does seem a bit strong).

… And then I decide to check the forum, read others have been having a similar problem, and decide to type all of this.


No Tim, its not working
Unless 85 euro for one bag is the new price?

This system is worse than the old one
If you’re going to keep it, make a step by step tutorial. It makes absolutely no sense.

I go to manage subscription deliveries, add 3 bags, go back to manage account, edit, select 3 flavours and it’s 3 times more expensive than before…? Is it adding more bags? How do you choose flavours to order? Why can you add not 1 of a flavour in deliveries? I don’t get it.

I wish you could just revert. This is not user-friendly… or it’s still broken. I can’t get support on this, tried e-mails, pms, forum.

Now somehow I managed to get prices right it adds 2 subscription instead…LOL.

Looking at my screenshot again, the price isn’t even right for 2 bags!

I’ve managed to change my flavours this morning, but then it randomly changed the delivery date! Can’t tell if there is actually a problem now or if it is just much less intuitive to use.

Wednesday morning (6th Feb, day of shipment) update:

  • Made a second attempt at modifying order(s) after posting here last night.
  • Was not possible to modify shipment date on either order (spinning icon on subscription page, times out without change, then reverts back to unmodified ‘Subcriptions & Orders’ page).
  • Was possible to skip and/or cancel my original order (2 bags: 1x Original & 1x Berry), so I cancelled that, so just the phantom one with no selected flavours remains.
  • Still unable to modify shipment date of phantom order, but hopefully selected expired card prevents Huel taking money despite aforementioned efforts to delay/modify/cancel order.
  • Pricing on phantom order (as other have mentioned) is way out. With no items selected, no price is shown, then if I select a single flavour, price leaps to £60.75… For one bag? Price for two bags is £97.49, price for three is £135.45…

This is bizarre.

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