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(Apologies for width & size of images; wide desktop monitor on work PC. I don’t own a phone capable of navigating Huel’s website).
Also, ‘new users can only post one image in a post’, so apologies for multiple posts.

  1. My ‘Subscriptions & Orders’.

EDIT #1: I’m informed as I new user I also cannot post more than three times on the same topic, so the above screenshot is useless without greater context, but I’ll leave it for posterity.
Remainder of what I wanted to post (without screenshots) was as follows:
2. ‘View Delivery’ selected. Note “v2.3 x1” stated, but no flavours selected, and only one bag (!?). This is the remaining ‘Phantom’ order after I deleted my original (mentioned above).
3. ‘Edit’ order selected. Note no flavours selected and no price shown.
4. 1x Original selected. Note price leaps to £60.75. For one bag.
5. 1x Original and 1x Berry (contents my regular order that costs £40.50). Note price leaps to £97.49, for two bags. Bizarre.

FURTHER UPDATE: while typing and creating screenshots for above, I had received a notification email to state that my order (using expired card) had been successful, despite all my efforts to modify or cancel it!
As a last resort I just called the previously useless helpline number again and to my amazement, somebody picked up. After explaining everything, the operator offered to attempt to stop the new order going through, and also to modify my scedule to receive Huel less regularly. I will be glad to receive a refund for the payment that has been (taken despite my best efforts for a product I do not want) if it is possible to stop the order going through, but this does not solve the problem long term, of not being able to modify my subscription through the facilities on the website.
Huel, sort it out!

EDIT #2 (in reply to ND12’s post below)
Hi ND12, yes, you did read that correctly. We have experienced the same problem. I was not able to modify the new ‘phantom’ order, but was able to delete my original one, which reduced the value to the correct 41,5GBP.
I did however receive email notification about the upcoming order two days ago, and (see above) have just received notification for this order being successful, despite trying to stop it. Please see above paragraph for what has happened thereafter.
I empathise with you, particularly being in France, as it would make return postage for an order you did not make, that much more expensive and difficult to bear. As it was clearly not your fault that the order went through, I see no reason why you should be liable for any costs associated with shipping it back to Huel.
If my order cannot be stopped and does arrive, I will be keeping it, as it will be consumed eventually. Please see above for Customer Services’ modification of my subscription, although this does allow me to modify my subscription myself with the current website.

EDIT #3: Just received two emails to say my phantom ‘order is on its way’ and another from the courier stating a delivery date, so I guess it wasn’t possible even for Customer Services to stop the order going through, let alone myself.
There must be people out there who maybe aren’t as organised, or as quick at checking their subscription/emails, as the users on this thread, so who knows how many duplicate orders have been processed, and how many duplicate payments have been taken, from unwary Huelers out there.



Hi Lucas_H,

Did I read it correctly that you had an unexpected order shipped to the value of 81gbp?

Same happened to me, exactly to 81gbp. I am 100% sure i did not place it as the selection is just wrong for me, and too soon, and to the address where we were only on holiday anyway.

Also, the order was never listed in Subscriptions Shipped but in Order History. Very much looking like a one-off

Just shipped itself on Feb 1st 2019 and sent me an email ‘Thank you for your order’.

There is no ‘You have an order upcoming’ email anywhere, not in Junk, anywhere.

I am going to send it back and ask Huel for a refund of return postage (it shipped from UK to France. A bit of a cost to take on the chin to send 4 kg back to UK recorded. And our skiing in France is almost done, don’t need it, did not order it, argh!)

Are you keeping or sending back? Are you bothering with trying to get postage costs back?

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Thanks for the screenshot @Kat. This looks like the old account management system. The new one looks like this (below) Which suggests maybe you’re using a bookmark/saved history to head to the account. Please go to and hit My Account in the top right. Log in and you can find the new account there.

Could be slow internet that results in it being timed out.

You posts suggest you called around 8-9pm GMT? Which means that no one would have been in, sorry for this, do feel free to call between working hours and you should have a problem.

The other issues raised here are new issues but the team are working on them.



Hi Tim,
Nothing wrong with the internet connection (IT company office); it’s the Huel website that’s not working correctly. I have emailed the screenshots I was unable to post to for greater clarity, which better show the extent of the problems experienced.
Also, I realise I called late, more out of desperation than anything, but I originally called on Monday morning during office hours, and received the same automated message. It was this which led me to believe the number was useless. Today however, I have spoken to a Customer Service Executive, so can confirm the number does work. They have worked to resolve my problem in the short term, but I am still unable to modify the date of my next order myself, or the contents of that order without ridiculous pricing reappearing.

Anyway, as you say, it’s being worked on.



Clear your cookies and cache if you keep seeing an outdated version of the/any website. Should fix it!

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