Just joined HUEL, already worried I'll be charged twice for the same delivery

I joined Huel last week and chose to have a Subscription. I didn’t get any information of when my order would be sent out so I went to my account and noticed it was marked as the 26th of July which I changed to the 1st of July.
To my surprise, I received an email saying my order would be delivered yesterday which we all agree is before the 1st of July! I set the order to be delivered to my work place and it’s closed over the weekend so I also received a notification that you were unable to deliver it and would try again today…

Adding to all that, now I received an email saying my order will be renewed on the 1st of July??? Am I being charged again??? I went to my Subscriptions page as your email said I could edit my order but now I’m worried that you won’t deliver my order today and I won’t receive the order from the 1st of July… This is the most confusing ordering system I’ve ever seen, and I’m a UX designer so I fix this stuff for a living!

PLEASE HELP!! :pray:

My guess is the delivery notification was for your initial order. The date of 26 July was probably for the next delivery in the subscription (it defaults to 4 weeks). The initial order should be shown in order history, in subscription it shows the next delivery, not the initial one. Confusing I know. Change the date from July 1 to later. The one out for delivery should still arrive (I recommend downloading the DPD app to track/adjust that way).

Thank you so much for explaining it, that’s put my mind at ease. I’ve changed the next delivery date, hopefully I’ll receive the delivery tomorrow! :pray:


Hi @anaritamlopes always best to email team@huel.com with any queries you might have.

When you buy a subscription it triggers your first delivery to be delivered next day, and then will set your subsequent delivery at the interval chosen by you (I think it defaults to 4 weeks maybe).
The next delivery date shown in your account will be the next one after the one coming tomorrow !

I almost did the same with my first order, i nearly changed the date but thought no I’ll wait, and realised it was the next reoccurring order

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Thanks everyone who helped! I was trying to log in to respond to people individually but somehow the forum says my password is wrong and doesn’t give me any option to reset it, just to create a new account. I’m baffled.

*I’m responding directly from my email account, at least that seems to work! :pray:

Are you logging into the correct forum ?

There is also ‘discourse.huel.com’ which is the US forum. Some browsers take you to the US one incorrectly

My browser likes to autofill the password from my Huel shop account for the Huel forum since they’re both at huel.com, but they’re not the same thing. And as @ChristinaT says there are multiple Huel forums. And presumably multiple Huel shops.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I’m trying to log into the same forum as I posted this message, using the right password! The thing that’s throwing me is that there’s no option to reset the password, should be a standard in today’s world?

When I click login I get this

and when I click “I forgot my password” I get this

Does it look different for you?

Thanks for sending the screenshots. I’m so used to clear CTAs that the “I forgot my password” sentence just looked like a legend to the form field above. I’ll try that.

I’m in! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Did it arrive today? Hope so!

It did thanks! The only issue was that I was sent a size medium men’s T-shirt which is way too big for me… Does anyone know if I can return it or exchange for a smaller size?

On a more positive note, I tried the vanilla flavour ant really liked it! :blush:

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Drop the team an email at team@huel.com and I’m sure they will be pleased to help

Just emailed. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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I’ve cancelled multiple subscriptions over the last few years because of this. The way it’s organised and presented is not intuitive or user friendly, at all. Then there’s the way it breaks the products from your initial subscription up over multiple orders and spreads them out over different dates, instead of keeping every item in one order. If I remember rightly, the first time that happened it incurred additional shipping charges.

Maintaining a subscription shouldn’t be confusing, or a chore for the customer. I like the products, but very much don’t like having to be so hands on when managing the subscriptions.

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I have done the same today… it is a shame there is no option to contact anyone to explain the situation. I am already seeing that I am double charged for that… :confused:

Yup, literally just done the same thing. It’s highly confusing, as the email notification you receive about the order gives no indication as to delivery date. So when you go and look at your account, the first thing you see is the dispatch date set in the future, which makes you think that your first order isn’t going to be delivered until that date.

I think it would be good if your account had details of all orders and deliveries - then you could check against each order number to see the estimated shipping/delivery date.