Renewal date

Can anyone explain to me the renewal date. Say my renewal date is 1st of June and my subscription is for 4 weeks, does this mean that from 1st of June I wait 4 weeks then my order goes through?

You get charged on 1st of June and your order gets sent out immediately, and your next delivery is then set 4 weeks in the future (but you can edit it).

If you change your subscription to 8 weeks, your renewal would still be 1st of June, but your next one would be 8 weeks after 1st of June. If you want to change that 1st of June date, you have to pick which date you want it to be.

@david’s got it. Order will process and probably ship on the first, that will arrive with you in no time at all and then 4 weeks on another will process (the 29th!). Any other questions just shout!

I have 4 packs of Huel which will last me about 6/7 weeks I think. I have only just started with Huel. I love it atm! So if I set my renewal for 1st August I should be on track! Or is it better to pause/cancel my subscription until I’m ready to order again?

Don’t cancel it. Just don’t forget when it’s due, and if you’re not ready yet you can edit it. Or change it to sooner if you need it sooner.

Ok, brill, thank you. I will change the renewal date to 1st of August.