Subscription frequency help?

I’m a little confused with the delivery frequency option. I have 6 bags in my subscription and it’s currently set to every 4 weeks. I remember when I was on huel a couple of years ago I could change it to monthly and 1st each month but I can’t see it on there anywhere anymore?

Also what is the renewal date?

Renewal date is the upcoming next date that you’ll be charged after which the package will be sent. I think you can only set a number of weeks, not a fixed day of the month but you can change the next renewal date every time if that suits you.

Ok thanks, although I don’t really understand what will happen if I have it set to dispatch every 4 weeks but the renewal date is longer than 4 weeks away?

If you set the date in time (before the 4 weeks are over), it works. You can set it 1 year into the future even.

for some reason they dropped it on the website refresh which is really annoying as when you do it by 4 week the date is always creeping down due to the lengths of months changing. I always found monthly easier to manage and hope they put the option back.


Thanks for the feedback Phil, we will make sure to pass this on.

However we are able to amend it to every 1 month on our end, so if that’s something you would rather get in touch on live chat, social channels or email and we can set this for you.

Thanks Charlotte I’ll drop the team a mail

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