Subscription deliveries question

I started with Huel a few weeks ago and plan to continue for the foreseeable future (I just like it).

I did originally have a 2 bag subscription every 4 weeks but I just cancelled that and created a new one for 3 bags every 4 weeks, which I think should be just about right for me.

However, I can never have deliveries in the week, due to the usual work/life stuff, so I always want Saturday delivery. I can’t see any way of specifying this with a subscription, so how do I actually go about arranging this?

I did find one thread about this but it was from nearly a year ago and I wanted to ask in case there have been any changes that would resolve this for me, otherwise it looks like I’m going to have to make a phone call every 4 weeks to explain this, which is fine but just seems a bit odd, considering technology today (and the simplicity of adding a bit field to a database table and a checkbox to a form :stuck_out_tongue:)

I am also interested in this, at the moment I have to cancel my subscription every time. Saturday is also more expensive so I am trying to buy 16 bags at a time.

Through DPD you can schedule delivery to a pick up point (likely a newsagents) nearby to where you live and you can reschedule easily if you can’t have it delivered to home/work. That’s what I do so it’s delivered on a Friday and I will then collect on a Saturday.

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That’s actually a good point - I’d forgotten that DPD do that.

I’d still rather be able to specify “always deliver on a saturday - charge me for it”, but I can live with this alternative.

Thanks :smile:

I just send it directly to my DHL Post office and pick it up after work.

That’s a cool idea. We do have our hands tied somewhat with this, and often these changes that seem small end up being huge but this would be a nice addition. Do investigate the DPD in flight options, the app is really quite good.