Order date / Saturday delivery

Hi all,

I have chosen to pay the extra £2 for Saturday delivery on my next order. I was just wondering how this affects the shipping date for orders (if it does). For example my order is scheduled to ship at the end of the month (31st) as usual. Since I have selected Saturday delivery, does this mean my huel won’t arrive until the following Saturday (5th)?

I know I can change the order date for each month as they come to prevent this (so this month I would change the order date to Friday 28th), but I was wondering what would happen if I didn’t in a case like this?


Yes, Saturday Delivery will always occur the Saturday after you place the order (unless you order after 3pm on a Friday, in which case it will be sent the following Saturday, not the next day). In the case you mentioned, it would be delivered on the 5th.

You can change your subscription to stop your Huel being delivered on Saturday’s. In the ‘Manage Subscription’ section of your account, select the ‘Manage’ dropdown, and choose ‘Update Shipping Method’ option. From here, you can select the normal Monday-Friday delivery, or upgrade to Saturday delivery.

This option is only available for ‘Mainland’ orders.