Saturday Deliveries

If I were to order on Friday before 2 in the afternoon, would my delivery come on Saturday or does the delivery service only do weekdays? I am in England.


Will need correcting if I’m wrong, but it’d come on the Monday via Interlink Express.

According to the Huel FAQs Saturday and Sunday deliveries in mainland UK are available at a subsidy, as here:

Please note: You can upgrade your delivery (for a £5-£10 cost for mainland UK) to Saturday or Sunday delivery. Whilst we subsidise the delivery charges for both the flavour/sample pouches and Huel, we subsidise the costs of the flavour/sample pouches less than Huel. This means often it will be cheaper to order the flavour pouches with your Huel, as they’ll be included in the delivery cost of the Huel itself.

Thanks! I swear I checked the delivery questions page; I’m not sure how I totally missed that bit.