[UPDATE] UK Huelers: improved delivery times from September 3rd

This update applies to those ordering to the UK from September 3rd.

  • New cut off is 9pm
  • Our amazing UK fulfilment team are now working 7 days a week instead of 5
    This means that if you order before 9pm Monday-Friday, it will arrive the next day.
  • Yes that includes Saturday! So if you order on Friday at 8:30pm your order will be delivered Saturday
  • Although orders won’t be sent out on Sunday, they will be picked and packed ready for a speedy departure first thing Monday
  • There will be a customer service team member working 10-4 Sat/Sun for any customer service inquiries


  • If you order after 9pm on Friday, it will come on Monday
  • Those ordering from the Highlands and Islands will still experience the additional day of transit time (as you always have)
  • This applies to orders above £20. Anything below is sent via Royal Mail 1st Class and could take 5 working days - but usually is much less
  • There will still be an option for Saturday delivery at checkout, this merely allows you to specify your parcel to arrive on Saturday. This is useful for those that work away during the week. There is an additional £2-£4 charge for this - no change here

We hope you’re as pleased as us about this :blush: Here’s to Hueling through the weekend :beers:



… nine-nine!


Jeez let them go home already, I’ll just wait til Tuesday for my Huel :joy:

Just kidding well done again for putting the customer first as usual


This is great news!!! Thanks for that improvement!

In keeping with the 99 theme: noice! :laughing:

Hi Tim, would be awesome if there were also delivery-improvements for orders from the German store. It usually takes 2-3 full days until the order is handed to UPS and another 2-3 days until it’s delivered. I really miss the days when it was delivered directly from the warehouse in UK to Austria - was much faster…

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Unfortunately @Tim_Huel it would appear that the fulfillment centre didn’t get the recent memo. I placed an order last night just after 7pm and I have just got the delivery email saying that it will be dispatched today for delivery next Tuesday(which I understand due to the bank holiday). The thing is that I could have placed the order before 7pm but that would have meant rushing home from work and then going to pick my kids up but because of your announcement I did it the other way round.

Hey Guys!

Looks like Tim has been a little eager here! The new cut off times will become active from September 3rd.

Super sorry for any confusion caused @ferrishueler, we’ll ensure that your order gets out for delivery tomorrow!

(Me to Tim rn)


No need to fire him, just send him to me. I have a number of suitable “punishments” in mind. :heart_eyes_cat:

Ps Sorry Tim, don’t know why I’ve singled you out for this ott online flirting. If it comes across as harassment or makes you uncomfortable at all, just ask me to stop. The safe word is “Don’t stop”.


You da bomb Huel.

Right that’s it! I’m finding and screenshotting the slack you sent me saying I could tell the forum.

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Haha watch out @Olivia_Huel you’ve entered the den of some particularly territorial Tim fans…
*growls menacingly*

Send him to the pit of misery,


Turn the Bud light into Huel :innocent:

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