Dublin deliveries?

So are there some Huel subscribers out there living in Ireland? How long does it take to receive your order? I live in Dublin, 10 minutes from the port and 15 minutes from the airport. My order takes 6 days. As I am travelling this week I asked, in plenty of time, for my order date to be moved forward by one day to last Monday, rather than Tuesday, to hopefully avoid weekend delays and get my huel same week, as in last Friday.

Well, I haven’t received it even by my usual Monday afternoon. Why is it sent 1500km from Germany rather than 500 from UK?

Do other people living here order via Northern Ireland then arrange their own delivery to Ireland?

Normally it wouldn’t matter too much but I will be away this week and booked accommodation B&B only as I intended to bring Huel. Can’t do that now.

Also, my initial request to info@huel.com was not answered for 3 days until I sent a second request and posted on here and yet customer feedback on help desk support is closed after 1 day?

I could not give feedback positive or negative (as in this case no delivery arrived) until I knew if my delivery happened as promised.

It’s Austria, but that doesn’t matter much, seems daft. I wonder if it’s an early move ready for Brexit?

Oh right, don’t know where I got Germany from.
Still, it can’t make sense logistically whether or not payment is in Euro.
I have UK and Irish bank accounts/nationality since Brexit so I often shop in sterling if it’s easier, but no shipment has ever taken as long as Huel.

I’m in Cork.

If I order for Monday, I will usually have it arrive on Thursday, and always (so far) by Friday.

You are lucky, that sounds more reasonable.
Nine days & mine still hasn’t arrived. I am about to go on holiday so if it ever does arrive it will presumably be returned to sender as there’s no one to take it in. At this rate they will get it back around New Year :joy:

Even TO Austria it is sent from Germany.

Yeah Denmark too, my parcel tracker says “parcel from Germany”

But isn’t EU Huel made in Austria? I’m sure i read that when the RTD came out.

The RTD is, the powder is made in UK.

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Only RTD is made in Austria. My EU-UU bag says it is made in the UK.

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