Delivery speed - Covid-19

Does anyone know how quickly huel is being delivered at the moment? I assume they have had to limit the number of staff in the warehouses to keep everyone safe, which could lead to delays.

My April delivery was barely impacted at all, this was about 2 weeks ago.

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Last delivery was fine - current delivery processed and despatched quickly but then the courier had a brain fart and it didn’t leave the country until the day after it was supposed to be delivered. its now been sat in the Fedex depot here for 3 days so presumably when it eventually gets delivered - I’ll need a straw to drink the bars with :thinking:

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Hi I placed my order on Thursday and it arrived next day lunch time. Great service.

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Ok, Thanks everyone. I just thought i would check so i don’t expect it to arrive quick and get disappointed.

@Phil_C what do you mean by you’ll “need a straw to drink the bar”? ive just ordered some and never had them before, are they really soft?

no - but where i live, the temperature is currently in the forties and the couriers (including Fedex and DHL) do not store food deliveries in temperature controlled areas. if you’re lucky, they’ll be left in the shade.


Ahhhh, right makes sense :slight_smile:

Just for others who come across this post, my order arrived the next day before 11am. Amazing that huel can keep up considering the current climate.


mine is (allegedly) going to be delivered today - but as its already 6.25pm - I am doubtful :slight_smile:

Deliveries are pretty normal right now.

Next business day in the UK
2-5 business days in Europe
And 3-5 business days in the USA


Hi @Tim_Huel please can you confirm if we should be getting a DPD tracking number / email after an order is placed. I placed an order on 18th and no email or activity in the DPD app.


Happy to report Fedex finally dropped the bars off 6 days after they arrived here and luckily - they are still intact (not liquified). Bonus.

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Haha, glad to hear there was no need for a straw.

ive had the bars for breakfast over the last couple of days, i didn’t know something could be so dry yet so sticky until i found these. At Least they taste nice, especially the salted caramel.

Hi guys,

I live in Japan and I’ve been using Huel for (I think) well over a year now. Loved it so far. The only issue is that, well…I can’t get any deliveries to Japan any more due to corona. The last message I’ve received from customer support so far included "I am so sorry but this is indeed the case. The availability to fly goods into Japan right now is very limited, especially with what is contractually available to us. ".

I’ve responded over a week ago already, but it seems they’re quite busy handling other inquiries as well. I therefore wanted to take it to the forums and ask you guys if anyone might have an idea what they are talking about when they say “contractually available”. Perhaps they’re talking about the contracts with the shipping companies themselves?

If anyone from Huel reads this, I’d appreciate it if you could clarify what you mean, as well as provide me with some kind of time frame by which you think shipments to Japan will be possible again. According to a reply from 2 days ago in this very thread, shipping to other parts of the world hasn’t been impeded.

Thanks in advance,

@Tim_Huel Can you provide any context to this?

Unlike every other delivery in the UK currently, Huel deliveries are super fast. I ordered on Friday and received it Sunday.
Awesome work Huel :+1:t2:

Just for others searching and reading this

This is my experience with ordering during this troublesome covid-19 period

Ordered yesterday afternoon and delivered this morning. Can’t see how that could be improved irrespective of COVID

Hi guys,
my subscription renewal date was April 17, the order was sent April 27, and I still did not receive the parcel. The carrier app only shows: “Confirmation of preparation of the shipment received” - and the status has not changed since April 28. What should I do? Can I only wait? I ran out of huel almost 3 weeks ago…

you should get in touch on the Huel social media pages or email them at