COMPLAINT: Paid for 2 more Huel bags but no delivery and no reply from Huel

I bought more Huel that was meant to arrive last Tuesday. No Huel has arrived. Since then I have had to go three days (at work) without breakfast or lunch.
I have written now SIX times about this - but NO REPLY
This is no way to treat new customers.
While the product seems to be ok - the post sales service is as bad as anything I have ever experienced. there is no clear route to check this up and whatever routes i go I get zero reply like truly Huel do not give a flying F about their customers - its all about automated sales and to hell with the people who are MUG enough to agree to their sales messages.
I want to cancel this as I do not do business with people who treat me like a c–t
I also want a full refund for the money I paid and go no return.
Finally, I want an apology.
Chances on any of these actually happening are less than zero but I thought Id send this message anyway.
Sam Deane

Has DPD sent an email to indicate it has been posted and if or when delivery was attempted or is the problem it hasn’t gone from the Huel factory to DPD?

Yes I got a note saying the huel was going to be delivered on 13Aug19

QUTOE: We’ll deliver your Huel parcel


13th August 2019

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Your parcel: ‍15976607081787

Since then - NOTHING - and no replies on varius approaches to resolve this

I would contact DPD, as they are the ones holding your parcel at your local depot, until you get a reply from Huel direct.

Just as expected - you are not taking any responsibility whatsoever. I bought Huel from Huel not DPD whoever they hell they are. Go on tell me you are not working for Huel - I dare you!

I have already written to but got no reply.
Are you expecting me to have to download an app from some thrid party just to get what I paid for that is now a week late?

DPD are the couriers delivering your Huel package. According to the link you provided, your Huel parcel is being held at your local DPD delivery depot. Chances are they’ll have more of an idea as to why your parcel hasn’t reached you yet.

As much as I would love to work at Huel I don’t. I apologise for trying to assist you, I’ll know better in future.

yes as expected. Huel taking no responsibility - leaving it to the general public to sort out their pr fuck ups. Yes, you should take this as a lesson. They’re making profits out of their shit service and you effectivly are working for them for free. I’d stop doing that as it just encourages them to continue to take the piss and shit on everyone from a great height. Thamnks for getting involved, but I recommend leaving their shit for them to clean up

dpd ADVICE: - “You can find information about your delivery here or you can contact the sender of your parcel.” DONE and DONE - Outcome _ Sweet FA.

Still no Huel, no reply, no refund, no nothing.

It’s Sunday, so no one who works for Huel will reply to you today.

Huel gave your parcel to DPD to deliver. You know this for sure because you know DPD are holding your parcel. Therefore your complaint is with DPD, who have failed to deliver your parcel and failed to let you know why or what to do about it.

Also this isn’t a PR fuck up, it’s a logistics fuck up.


We don’t work for Huel where customers as well, this isn’t really a customer services forum although Staff do come on during the week.

@sdeane123 you are chatting here on a forum with other huel customers…
You seem to be getting angry with them because they are not taking responsibility for your problem but I can assure you none of them work for Huel, it is Sunday today and their customer service is closed for the weekend.

I will tag @Tim_Huel and @Dan_Huel for you so they can reply to you on Monday, but they are forum moderators not customer services.
Customer services can be reached by emailing
Or phoning 01296 678516 (but not today obviously)

They will definitely resolve your issue, but it seems that the fault is with DPD not them, so it will take them a few days to investigate it with DPD and in my experience DPD are slow at responding…


I strongly recommend calling DPD Letchworth yourself. Yep, on a telephone like it’s 1953. Give them your parcel number, don’t be snappy or call them fuck ups (the person answering the phone isn’t the person who fucked up) and that should get things moving again. I know when I had trouble with Parcel Force (who I consider to be the worst delivery service on earth and possibly the worst company in the history of everything) I tried everything before calling them on the phone. As soon as I did, the problem was sorted.

Seriously, call them. Don’t send another email to the developers of an app you don’t even use.


According to the link you posted above, your parcel is being held at the depot

It says ‘there is a delay with your parcel’
It’s been saying that for the past 3 days.
I’ve had this issue with DPD and once it was because they had dropped and damaged my parcel, once it was because they had managed to lose it in the depot :man_facepalming: , and a couple of times it was because they accidentally loaded it onto the wrong van and it went all the way to Scotland and back before finally making its way down south to me about a week later.

I can understand you being pissed off but this is totally DPDs fuck up (the courier company) and not Huel, and Huel are probably waiting for a response from DPD before they can refund you or dispatch you another parcel as they don’t know yet if the package has been lost or damaged or is now on its way to you (again).


The people replying here are not Huel employees…they are all either in the pub or on holiday. They won’t reply until Monday (or Tues), for now you have to deal with forum users, who quite frankly are worse than useless… I am not, if you pass my your postcode I will check the DPD tracker to see what they have done with your parcel…but you could do that yourself.


Damn, I was late to the party and see various other people have adequately answered this question already.


More replies don’t hurt. We’re proving that competence and kindness are real and cynicism is not always warranted. Even though you called everyone worse than useless and failed to notice all the other posts, your heart was in the right place. Except when you called us worse than useless, you bugger.


Not really, you chose to go without instead of just consuming an alternative. You’re not being very fair.