Love Huel but given up due to DPD and no Huel response

Unfortunately I have cancelled my subscription as I have been left with no alternative due to multiple delivery issues and Huel not responding to any emails, requests for help etc. It’s really frustrating as I love the product but never experienced such non communicative customer service. In fact I’d go as far as saying it doesn’t exist. January’s delivery finally arrived a week late. DPD lies about delivery attempts and it’s clear that because we live a little out of the way the driver couldn’t be bothered. No ability to contact DPD… February’s delivery again late, untruths told about delivery attempts. Finally DPD decided to leave my parcel at a shop 7 miles away causing me time and money to collect it. I get this isn’t Huels fault but they must have an SLA with DPD??? Huel have however ignored all my attempts at communicating with them to complaint and discuss anyway of fixing. I’ve even received automatic feedback requests to score the service on the emails I have sent to which I have received zero response. Clearly Huel have a great product but have no ability or desire to retain custom. I will now have to source via eBay. Such a shame…

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Bombarding Huel with emails just makes the customer service slower as they deal with them in the order they receive them, and they have been very busy. Your problem really is with DPD, a company that works very well for most people, but some in out-of-the-way places do seem to have problems with them.

If you tag @Tim_Huel or @Olivia_Huel you will probably get somewhere, but it’s the weekend now and they won’t be in the office till Monday.

It would be a pity to give up on Huel just because of delivery issues. Do you use the DPD app? I’m pretty sure you can communicate with DPD (or at least your delivery driver) via the app.

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Appreciate your comments but disagree. I buy the product from Huel and they chose to use DPD as their delivery couriers - not my choice. I agree with bombarding however I emailed 4th March and nearly three weeks later no response. My other two attempts to contact have been via their automated feedback emails they have sent me to ask if I’m satisfied with the way they have handled my only email which they are yet to answer. Unfortunately as you say they have a backlog so would appear I’m not the only one with this issue


It does seem from what you’ve said though that the issue is with delivery rather the despatch so I’d agree with @Africorn though about trying the app to contact DPD, as well as maybe sending them an email about the driver seemingly not even attempting delivery. The contact phone number I found on their site is 0121 275 0500. is the link with a contact form and also a direct email address if they don’t “make it right”. I hope this helps and it gets sorted.

Personally, I prefer DPD to some others, the delivery is almost always within the window I get texted thankfully.


Whilst I have defended DPD before as they are ok in my area - I agree with @Nickm1977 - he didn’t purchase from DPD, it is not his responsibility to chase them up. The purchase is from Huel and they should do all that is necessary to provide him with the level of service they promise (and provide to most people).
The ability to choose an alternative delivery company (even at an additional cost) would help.


I definitely agree with the ability to choose delivery company. I used to have no end of problems with a particular Yodel driver; I used to dread a company using them because I’d always get unable to deliver emails even when the business was obviously open for access. I just hope the contact info helps resolve any other DPD issues; though if the driver is like the one I used to have there’s not much chance!

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Regardless of who is to blame, the lack of response from Huel customer service since 4th March is shocking and shows complete disregard for the customer.

There are so many threads now highlighting this issue it will start to affect the company’s reputation, which is a shame as historically the CS has been excellent.


I agree they used to be really good and quick at answering. They say there SUPER busy and working really hard but it doesn’t seem to be improving, I know they can’t change things over night but it’s been a while now. I can’t get over how many emails they say they get everyday, are they mostly complaints and issues? If so are they learning by them and doing something about them permanently so they don’t happen again,not just quick fixes. Are they recruiting extra customer service staff to handle the demand and able to answer and deal with people quicker? We keep saying Huel is a young company, yes it is but it’s growing fast so they need to grow the company with it to cope.
People say about DPD issues, it’s not Huels fault it’s DPD’ s and to contact them, but we shouldn’t have the hassle of doing that as where the customer. We just report it to Huel and they chase them up. In January I had an issue with DPD not delivering to my pick up point ( again :roll_eyes: ) and Huel said to me they was investigating it with DPD, but nobody ever got back to me to tell me why. And it happened again yesterday and I don’t suppose I will find out again the reason. I hope Julian is doing something about the issues and with customer services and taking people on or customers will be turning there back on Huel, I hope he cares.

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Perhaps time to have another look at this thread:

I am glad they have time to answer ALL of the hilarious Facebook comments, tweets and Instagram messages. And hope they are listening to our feedback, suggestions and questions, but they don’t have time to answer us on the forum here. Be nice for some feedback off them for our feedback and suggestions , I don’t use Facebook or Instagram so don’t know if any of them are on there over the weekend.
I love Huel it’s done wonders to my health and weight but I am just pissed with DPD!! I would like to think they are working on an option of couriers in the checkout, even though they haven’t said anything. :thinking:


I am one of the lucky ones, up to now anyway, but really sympathise with those who are getting the thin end of the wedge. Huel is a great product but it’s sad to see the way things are going right now.

Same here, no real problems so far.
But it’s just a matter of time to see my package’s ending up damaged with UPS or DPD.
They always have me surprised everything is still good, after opening the box.

Having issues with DPD too, they sent it to the wrong address, so here I am, no Huel and potentially, unless I want to fork out £45, having to wait 5 weeks for my next delivery, assuming it actually get delivered to the correct address. Love the product, but this whole inconvenience is very irksome

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Hey Nick,

Sorry you haven’t had a reply just yet. It seems like the initial email on the 4th was caught up in a testing phase however I can see the email from Thursday. I’ll reply to that now.

As has already been highlighted, we are super busy right now and are working super hard to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.


Thanks Olivia. I haven’t received the response you suggest below. Please can you update?



Same problem for me, DPD sucked…

It’s a great shame you Huellers have had problems with DPD - i have to say, despite living in a remote area, i have never had a problem with Huel deliveries via DPD.

Can’t comment on Huel CS as i’ve Not had to make contact in this regard.

I am so pleased they use DPD as i have had many problems with other couriers!

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They should refund it or resend it,if they sent it to the wrong address when you provide the correct address, then it’s their problem and not yours.

However if you gave them the wrong address and the person who received it doesn’t return it, you’re probably SOL.

So update for me, DPD lots of back and forth and now nothing, on Huel’s side, a new lot sent out, slight apprehension given it was DPD again, but this time arrived ok.


Hi Olivia. I still haven’t heard from you in response to your message. Can you please get in touch.



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