Seriously tired of dealing with DPD

Hi there, I’ve been using Huel for years but I’m this close to giving it up because of these guys. I order stuff online constantly and it’s usually pretty straightforward but never with DPD. Now I work for a living so as you’d expect I’m not home from 11:30 to 12:30 Mon-Fri which is when they always attempt delivery but other delivery companies have the sense to leave a note and drop the package off at the post office or some other nearby pickup location so I can just collect it after work or the next day. Not DPD though, for some reason they don’t drop it off anywhere, or give me the option to select a drop off location, and if they fail again they return it. Their site is useless, they leave little to no information (the driver took a photo with “28” written over the label and the text “rejected” under the picture, what the hell?) and Iast time I tried calling them I hung up after half an hour on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

Huel really need to offer an alternative delivery company because anybody else would just leave it at the post office and I’d have collected my last delivery on the weekend instead of it now going back and who knows when I’ll get it or if I’ll have to pay to get it delivered again. It’s a good product and they always dispatch it quickly enough but your overall customer experience is being seriously damaged by your choice of delivery partner.

What county is that?

DPD is great where I live. UPS is marginally better.

DHL is rubbish.
Fedex is hit and miss
Yodel is surprisingly good.
Hermes was bad but now it has rebranded it is much better…
Amazon is hilarious. I get loads of free stuff as they don’t deliver it to me but at random locations and I just report it missing. Sometimes it is genuinely missing and that’s annoying I have complained so many times I have given up. It has details on my account on how to deliver it but they don’t read it. I got a free bottle of Jager today. It needed a signature but be they just left it outside someone else’s front door. I reported it missing, got a refund and then a few hours later my missus found it, rainsoaked box but luckily the jager in a bottle.

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I’m in Cardiff, 3 hour drive from their HQ. It would honestly be easier sometimes to just drive there and pick it up myself.

Courier companies are patchy at best because as, for domestic ones at least, they tend to rely on contractors rather than dedicated staff. That being said – DPD and Amazon Logistics always jostle for top spot in (Consumer) surveys for the best courier services in the UK and generally seem to have glowing feedback elsewhere on the forum here.

Hey Sergio, thanks for the message reporting this. I’m honestly very surprised. While each courier service is never liked universally, DPD generally are pretty good.

This is the bit which is most bizzare to me. Do you have the DPD app? That is how you track the package and make in flight changes to your delivery. Such as choosing safe locations to store it, neighbours to leave it with etc. Do you use the app and they just don’t have those options for you?


I have the app and it wouldn’t allow me to select the option to leave at a drop off point (sometimes they let me do this, sometimes they don’t, I can’t understand why, in fact when I first started ordering Huel to this house a couple years ago I always picked it up from a shop). I can “track” but the information is kinda useless. Like I said the previous day it just showed “rejected” (by whom?), I looked for redelivery options but there were none “because your parcel was rejected”, yet I find the next day it was out for delivery again…and of course no one was home and now it says it’s on the way back to sender. Neighbours sometimes take it but most of them work during these hours too and aren’t home at that time either as was the case, and there was no real safe place for them to leave it in the weather we’ve had here all week, it would have completely soaked through in minutes. I really just need the option to send it to a shop where I can pick it up after work or the next morning, it’s not rocket science.

Ah ok, that’s really strange and really sorry for your weird experiences with the DPD app. In general DPD have been pretty good for us, but there are always exceptions. If you have problems again then please get in touch with the Huel team and we’ll do our best to get your package to you. I think multiple couriers on site is a great idea and will pass it on.

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I’ve cancelled my Huel subscription because of my recent ordeal with DPD.

Someone WAS at home (me)

They left the package in my Garage at the side where it’s not visible.

My sister was out with the car, came back, didn’t see it pulling in and drove over it.

Package was destroyed, Huel seemed ok, but I’m done with DPD being absolutely awful.

Really enjoying the Mac n Cheeze and Madras, but not worth the stress and admin of having to deal with DPD being absolutely woeful.

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I suppose feedback to Huel HQ must be the best thing as they’re the client DPD must keep happy and individual addressees don’t have a lot of clout.

Having said that I got my regular delivery today, on time as usual, tracked on the app, notified when arrival was imminent, friendly driver, package in good shape. A* overall.

Times when I’m not in it’s always been left in the right place and a notification sent. So no complaints. I guess a lot must depend on the individual driver but shouldn’t the app be the same for everyone?

I think this might be case of where you live and the difference in some drivers.

DPD have always been great for me, orders (not just Huel) have always been delivered on time. I always try to order from companies that use DPD.

Yodel in the other hand have been absolute rubbish for me. Delayed and lost orders. A recent order I did a few weeks ago, Yodel said the item was delivered but I never received it. No idea what happened to my parcel but the company had to issue me a full refund.

I’m really sorry to hear this, that sucks. @Charlotte_Huel can help get a new order out to you ASAP at no cost to you and we can look into raising a complaint and dealing with DPD on your behalf. How does that sound?

I’d like to think your order won’t be left in the garage and run over every time!

Exactly and we have switched courier companies before. DPD are carbon neutral and there’s never going to be 100% delivery success, but that’s where Huel’s Customer Experience team can step in to help.

Yes, definitely. DPD have always been great here too.

If you could please send us an email to as Dan said I would be more than happy to get a new order sent out for you, as I agree this isn’t acceptable and we can make sure to raise a complaint for this.

Again I’m really sorry this has happened!

Thanks I’ll send an email now with a link to this topic. I’ve set my preferences on the app to deliver directly to pick up shop by default, so even if the option doesn’t come up once it’s been sent maybe they’ll send it there first and that’ll solve my problem for good.

Have sent an email to @Charlotte_Huel !

Thank you :pray:

Best thing to do is on the app when your package is out for delivery, use the chat bot. I believe what I do is use the “where’s my delivery” option, after that you get a chance to “leave instructions for the driver”.
It’s also likely via that, that you could change the delivery address to a local pick up shop, if they have one.

I’ve tried doing it in advance but not sure how to. I’m always home so it’s not a big deal for me, but my address is hard to find so that’s where I leave instructions.

Just had my latest delivery returned to Huel as the driver has stated that I refused the order… I was at work, no phone call & I have my pickup point preferences set on the app. Woeful customer service from DPD which just sends you in circles on an automated customer service chat.

An old-fashioned note on the door might help link pickup point preferences to human operative if the digital message isn’t getting thru.