DPD frequent delivery issues

For the 2nd month now, ive had repeated issues with delivery. Last month 3 attempts, that’s inconvenience for me contacting the carrier and waiting indoors. Contacting Huel only gives me the standard response taken off of the carrier site. Again this month, no delivery. Driver unable to locate address, its the same driver as last time, after I had to speak to him on the phone to direct him to my location. Eventually I had to walk down the road to meet him and carry the box back.
My real issue is, Huel should be showing some more concern and responsibility once their product is out of the door…
As a customer having to handle all their after sales problems, I’m starting to loose my support for this company.
Btw, still waiting for my Huel

UPS does the same, they never show up. I think this is common amongst delivary companies… lazy?

My next day with DPD used to take 2 days because they change the boundaries of where the Highlands are in Scotland.
Now though amazingly it’s 3 days ,“Just coz”
I don’t complain any more as it’s Huel who are paying for nothing clo we to a Next Day Delivery and the don’t seem to care 1 way or the other .