DPD failed to deliver for 2-3 weeks now?

Ordered my usual monthly huel package on 17th of december, for some reason DPD has been unable to deliver the parcel entirely STILL until today 28th december where the delivery window opened for 1-2 briefly then changed to ‘Returning to cosignor’ PLEASE can you get someone other than DPD to deliver. This same problem happens again and again with DPD, there is no way to contact them, no tracking, nothing, they are the worst delivery company in the UK. Meanwhile regular post, amazon parcels, etc no issue delivering every day. WTF Is going on? 3 weeks without my essential food… so so bad. Why after multiple weeks of the huel just sitting in DPD warehouse 30 minute drive from my house is it now being return to huel??? What is this organisation??

Firstly Sorry about the delay in you receiving your order. I know there have been delays due to severe weather conditions and festive periods but you should’ve received your order by now! Usually, this should be next day delivery but of course, on this occasion it’s not been the case!

Would you be able to drop us an email at team@huel.com for the attention of Mark so I can get this looked into and get that order to you right away?

I’ve already been emailing back and forth to the team, they have little to no idea whats going on. The one day DPD could actually deliver on the 28th, huel for some reason recalled the package so its going to take EVEN LONGER now. I’ve had to fully cancel and order again, using another 95 quid without receiving any order STILL. Crazy crazy stuff. What wild decision making is that? We are clearly obviously wanting our food to be delivered yet the person at huel decides to recall it? Then in emails today the huel rep has blamed it on DPD, even though its clear that only huel can request a recall to sender. Not to mention just as it was on the 18th, the weather has been completely fine, no other delivery services having any issues. Seems DPD wraps up for christmas very very early and doesn’t work at all over the festive period. Really awful for a company delivering essential food to be so unreliable. 2-3 weeks without my huel that I have every day in my diet…

DPD seem to be in meltdown at the moment. They were a week behind on one parcel and I’ve been waiting for another (not Huel) since the 12th. Tracking just says “there is an unexpected issue in my area” with no indication of when it’ll be delivered, but if I look at the journey it’s been on the parcel has been at the hub 50 miles away for a week and hasn’t moved.

I didn’t realise they shut down completely from Xmas to the new year but it seems that way.

DPD don’t shut down from Christmas to New Year, they delivered to me today but both recent Huel orders and a couple of Paul Smith orders were repeatedly delayed for no reason. They are just struggling with volume I think.

Not completely but they did/will close for 5 days - 25th, 26th, 27th. 1st and 2nd. I’ve had deliveries with them too over the holidays without issues but noticed that they do put up frequent postcode checkers where they are experiencing delays and disruption - presumably down to driver shortage.

fwiw… my DPD delivery was spot-on today as always. Same driver, same time of day, good communication, really can’t complain.
Must be lots variation in different areas I guess.

I’m so sorry about this, I can only apologise as this isn’t our usual service. We understand there have been delays during the festive period and the bank holidays, however, they are the only delays you should’ve had with your order.

It seems it has gotten a bit messy on this occasion which I’m sorry about, can I confirm that you’ve received your order now?

Hopefully its easing off since the festive period - I placed an order Friday morning, despatched Friday noon and delivered just after Saturday lunchtime so no issues there - although I did notice on the tracker, even by that point, I was my drivers 122nd delivery of the day and he still had a fair few hours ahead of him. Grim.