No Huel for the weekend

It is such a shame that my first post on the Huel Forum is a negative one.

Firstly, I want to say that I have been using Huel for the last few months and have had good experiences all around. I shall post separately about my feedback from using the products.

Two weeks ago, I realised I was running low on my Huel supply and put in an order last Saturday. I was notified on the Monday that my parcel will be delivered on Tuesday but knowing I would not be home, I decided to rearrange the delivery via DPD-Huel notification option for delivery to my work address.

On Wednesday morning, I received notification of a 1 hour time slot for my delivery 10:05am-11:05am. I purposely did not play any music in the office so I could hear the bell or knock at the door which is located only up a short flight of stairs. There was nothing by 11:30am which I thought was odd and just after midday I was notified by DPD that my parcel had been succesfully rebooked for delivery for Thursday.

I thought this was a logistics problem from DPD, not enough time or drivers on route but by Thursday morning I received an email from Huel UK Support checking in because my delivery (on Wednesday) had “been refused by Nik” and if I could confirm my delivery address (which was my original home delivery address). I emailed back to inform them that there’s no one in our small office or the office above us called Nik and that the delivery address has actually been changed to my work address.

On Thursday, I received no notifications from DPD about a delivery time slot and in the afternoon received another notification to say that it has been rescheduled for Friday. I emailed another reply to Huel UK Support to ask what is going on with my parcel as it seems to now be stuck in a loop, but have had no further contact other than the original email they sent me.

I decided to contact DPD this morning as I lost confidence I would receive the item today and was told that the Local Depot which holds the package will call me back within an hour. No one called me back and I tried to call the original DPD number I had phoned and was on hold for 18 minutes before giving up.

This afternoon I have received another notification to say my package has been booked for a redelivery on Monday. I used the last of my Huel today and now will not have any over the weekend or Monday morning which I am extremely disappointed with.

The blame for this is for DPD in my opinion. My previous orders of Huel were delivered to my work address without any issue so I don’t understand why this one has caused problems.

I am also left disappointed that UK Huel Support has gone silent despite their initial approach to the problem.

Currently, I’m searching for Huel alternatives, which is a real shame as before this my experiences have all been pleasant.

Hey Matt,

We are super sorry for the problems you have experienced with your order. As I’m sure you know from your previous orders, this is not our usual standard of delivery and it’s really frustrating for us too!

I can see that you spoke with Emilija over the weekend who let you know that although we hadn’t quite got to the bottom of what happened with your original order, we were sending a new parcel out to you to avoid any further delays.

It looks as though you have now received this one - phew!

We are still looking into the whereabouts of the original parcel with DPD but as I’m sure you can appreciate, this takes a little bit of time.

Again, really sorry about this Matt and fingers crossed we have no delivery problems next time!

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