Unhappy with change to delivery conditions

Has anyone else experienced this?

I edited and ordered my latest subscription for my Huel the other day, nothing different to last time.

Except, when I got the text message early in the morning to say my DPD driver would deliver it while I was at work, I duly clicked to organise either a weekend delivery or drop off at another location. However, this time, DPD wanted money to organise these options.

When I queried it on FB messenger, the person at the other end said this change was to ‘provide a faster delivery’. It can’t get much faster! It already comes the next day, so really it comes down to cutting costs. That’s fine, I understand a business has to be profitable etc etc.

There’s a big but with that. One of the things that is convenient about Huel is that even if I’m not home, there will be another option for delivery. My neighbours also work, I changed jobs and can no longer have parcels delivered and I’m not going to inconvenience others by asking them to wait in for a parcel. I’m also not going to have what is essentially my food sat outside behind my bin getting dirty or risking being stolen.

The nice agent who I spoke to over facebook is going to make the amendment for me to pick up somewhere but cannot guarantee that this won’t happen next time as well.

I am not very happy about the change because I actually don’t mind waiting a couple of days if I know I can pick up my parcel of Huel at a more convenient time. How many other people really appreciate the flexibility of the delivery options previously offered?