Delivery Window

FYI, the one hour delivery time slot is not happening at the moment.

“We use the courier Interlink/DPD (they are sister companies), who offer next day delivery. On the day of the delivery they will email you a one hour delivery time slot.” -

The email I got today:
We’ll deliver your Huel parcel
7th March ‍2018
‍06:00 - ‍22:00

The same thing happened to a friend’s huel order last week when there was all the snow so that’s to be expected. I can’t think what the problem could be now though. Is anyone else having the same thing happen at the moment?

I had this problem earlier in the week. I just whined and complained until they delivered it. For me, the 06:00 - 22:00 must have been some sort of glitch or something because when I asked them what it meant, all they could say is that my package had been returned to the depot and they could offer no explanation as to why. It may be worth getting in touch with them and inquiring, if you haven’t already.

Happens when DPD have a backlog. Probably due to weather.

I got a second email later on this morning with the exact same format but this time the delivery window was 1 hour instead of 16 and it has come during the time given so all is well, just the first email was a bit pointless. They already told me yesterday that they’d be delivering today, saying we’ll be there some time before 10pm just made me worried I might have stay in all day.

I placed my first order yesterday and got an email to say your parcel will be with you tomorrow in the evening etc.

However I changed my mind and decid d to have it delivered to a drop off point, which was confirmed however today I’m told it was delivered and signed for but it’s not at drop off.

Upon contacting DPD they say it’s atbthe original delivery address we will see tomorrow if this is the case, I don’t see the point in asking me if I want to change the delivery if they don’t actually acknowledge it.

Hey sorry for any confusion, was your order delivered via DPD in the end then? I guess the original email from them was just a bit of “under promise and over deliver”. If it had been the other way round you would have been more inconvenienced so I suppose this is the best thing for them to do when there are delays to delivery.

Yeah it was fine, the second email from DPD made it all better. Keep on truckin’ Mr Huel