1 hour time slot

“You don’t need to wait in for your delivery, you will get an email or text on the morning of the delivery in which you are given a 1 hour time slot.”

Well that sounds great.

“Your order is due for delivery on Monday 18th January”


“We’re sorry your delivery has been delayed”

“We wanted to let you know that your parcel has been delayed and that delivery will now be on Tuesday 19th January.”

“On the morning of Tuesday 19th January, you’ll receive another email from us to let you know your one hour delivery window.”


“Your order will be delivered today between 06:00-12:00”

“Your order will be delivered today between 06:00-22:00”

“Your order will be delivered today by your Interlink Express driver”


“Your order will be delivered today between 06:00-12:00”

“Your order will be delivered today between 06:00-22:00”

It is now 8:30pm on Wednesday night as you probably have guessed I have nothing. heard nothing have missed a physio appointment and wasted about 6 hours of my mother in laws time as well as having paid a baby sitter to wait for it… so far my first batch of Huel has cost me over double cost still isn’t here is still asking me to wait and is getting on for a week after purchase. the absolute gall to say 1 hour time slot. I honestly would have cared if it said it would take a week to arrive this is beyond a joke. quite literally the worst thing I can think I’ve spent money on in recent memory and I’ve yet to receive the product.

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I live in the United States, so excuse me if this is an ignorant question:

Is this the fault of Huel, or of the postal system?

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It’s Donald Trump’s fault.


I’m sure Interlink didn’t make Huel Advertise next day delivery or one hour time slot delivery, therefore its Huel’s problem.

My impression is that delivery companes in general in the UK are quite poor. They don’t operate in a very competitive market, and the key reason is you and I aren’t their customer.

I ordered Huel a fortnight ago, and Interlink were a nightmare. They literally did not attempt to deliver (more on this in a minute). When I complained, they gave me a rote response once and then completely ignored me. Why would they bother responding to me? I’m not their customer. I don’t get to choose a different delivery supplier, and even if we complain to Huel they’ll just find the alternatives are no better.

Here’s my text history with them:

Your Interlink driver […] will deliver your order today 08:21-09:21. Not in? Click […] to pickup from shop or leave safe

Thank you for your request to deliver to your neighbour. See updates at […]

Your parcel could not be delivered as no-one was in. […]

Your Interlink driver […] will deliver your order today 08:26-09:26. Not in? Click […] to pickup from shop or leave safe

Thank you for your request to deliver to your neighbour. See updates at […]

Your parcel could not be delivered as no-one was in. […]

Please pickup your parcel […]

They said they’d left notes through my door but hadn’t. Both times I requested delivery to a neighbour within minutes of them giving me the link. My neighbours are businesses that were open at the time. It’s pretty clear the driver just decided to skip my delivery and say I wasn’t in. I don’t drive, and picking it up personally was costly, time-consuming and a complete hassle. Interlink were utterly useless, but what can we do?

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We can make sure Huel realize that the service they are using are complete and utter trash. which intern is making Huel look bad.

DPD will let you see how many stops there are before you where the van currently is and give you a semi decent time window for when it will be delivered. the depot holding my huel is over 50 miles away if I have to drive to get it I don’t want it. Huel can refund me and go get it themselves.


Interesting you compare Interlink to DPD. They’re the same company. Interlink = DPD = GeoPost = La Poste.

I think the problem is that there’s very little real choice of delivery company from the seller’s perspective, and most of the bad experiences the buyers have are random. There’ll be plenty of satisfied buyers as well as plenty more unsatisfied ones like us. The problem is a lack of quality control by essentially all delivery companies. I’d wager that’s caused by the companies putting too much pressure on drivers, and drivers choosing to skip some of their deliveries to make up the time.

Sorry to be fatalistic. By all means, let’s make sure Huel know about our experiences. Wouldn’t have posted here otherwise. I’m just not sure if there’s a great alternative they can choose. Perhaps I’m wrong; I definitely hope so.


Agreed on all accounts

Hi John,

I’m sorry about all the trouble with Interlink. I’m getting onto them now to find out what’s going on. I’ll email you with any updates to sort it out properly.

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I guess a lot depends on where you live, but my delivery’s have been fine.

Almost literally; place order, go to sleep, order arrives.

The two times I missed the delivery guy I rang delivery co customer service and they got the driver to driver come back same day.

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I found that Interlink were perfect today. Right in the 1 hour delivery slot on a next day delivery.

All is finally sorted came today after finally giving me an 1 hour window. I can now actually knock up a batch and give it a go, although I already had Lunch before it came.

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So, it is Huel’s problem, but

So I think my question was valid; I asked who was at fault. Your view has seemed to evolve; first you blamed Huel, but now you fault Interlink.

Sorry about your experience; glad it has been resolved.

If I know a brick layer is bad then I hire him to build a wall who’s fault is it I end up with a bad wall?

I honestly don’t want to get into a childish argument over this but you seem to be posting in this topic just to try make out I am wrong instead of trying to help.

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I’ve had issues getting deliveries because I have two Ö’s in my adress, I live in Sweden. They get completely erased so it looks like gibberish to the swedish company trying to deliver it here.

I guess interlink is not only bad at international deliveries.

I got the help from huel I needed and expected to sort it. So I don’t blame them but if interlink keeps this up I hope huel switches to a company that’s not stuck in the 90’s where international letters were a problem.

Just to chip in with my experience, interlink have never missed a delivery day or window, & I like them coz if I’m not going to be in I can instantly click for them to leave it in a designated safe place - I can’t stand deliveries that require me to go to a depot to collect.

I do live in London though; I imagine it may depend on the driver(s) that happen to work in your area.

No. Sorry.

I got sensitive because I asked a sincere question that you seemed to dismiss, yet later backtracked. My apologies. And as I said before, sincerely glad your issue was resolved.

I remember the Huel delivery being the best delivery I’ve ever had … they not only gave me the hour window but also a URL I could click to track the location of the delivery van in realtime. It told me what number delivery I was, what number they were on now, and where the van was. When I saw that I was next up I just walked outside and watched the van roll up to my door.

Must depend where you live.
I haven’t received an email off them or anything before they tried to deliver. They’ve just left me a collection note.
Which is annoying, as I was waiting for the email to leave them delivery notes.

Never had any issues with InterLink or DPD, and in England we live in a village full of named not numbered properties which is a nightmare for delivery drivers. But then we do know the driver by name…!

My delivery to France was very speedy, and that is almost equally as difficult, what with everything being notoriously contrived!