DX Delivery services

I am fed-up with DX delivery service, I was advised that the delivery would be Thursday 25th between 08.00am to 18.00pm, so had to spend the day waiting for a deliver that did not happen, phoned them on the Friday (26th) and was told that my post code could not be found, rubbish as other courier firms deliver stuff all the time and as I have lived here 16 years I am not a new resident. Then told the delivery would be Saturday 27th Jan between 08.00am and 13.00pm, it is now 14.30 and again no delivery. If you at Huel insist on using this rubbish courier service then I will stop buying your product. Please arrange to deliver my order with a different courier.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry for the delay in responding. Did you raise these delivery issues with the customer service team? Or just with DX themselves? If in doubt, always email team@huel.com as we generally have more clout with delivery services we use to get stuff done.

Have you now received your Huel? I agree that this is totally unacceptable and will pass it on to the fulfilment team who we rely on for their judgement in the selection of couriers. I’m really sorry for the problems here and will message you directly too.

Hi Tim, yes I have received the delivery, when speaking to the office at DX Delivery Service I was asked for my mobile number so that the driver could contact me on the guaranteed/promised Saturday morning delivery, I had no delivery or phone call on the Saturday and the delivery was made to next door as I was out on the Monday, but no one phoned to say it was being delivered. In my opinion they failed you and me on every count. Not a reputation Huel can afford to acquire. Regards Adrian Hyde