DX Delivery is awful

Ordered and quickly got a text from them saying my package would be delivered by 27th of Feb. By the 5th of March I looked into it: they haven’t tried to deliver at all. So book ‘redelivery’ for today yet they didn’t come. Trying again for Friday. Won’t be surprised if it doesn’t work though. It’s for my breakfasts and I ran out a week ago. Would just order another batch in the mean time but fear they will be the ones to ‘deliver’ it again.

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I had a similar situation with DX, though not with Huel. They had a fairly important document (a passport), which their website said they had tried to deliver every day for 4 days. They hadn’t. There was no way to contact them. I left a review on Trustpilot which produced a rapid solution, of a kind.

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I mentioned it here before I think, but I had a shocking experience with one well known courier…so bad that I cc’d their CEO into an email I wrote to Watchdog…and that got the issue resolved PDQ. Watchdog were gonna run a story on it…I was a little disappointed that I had to tell them to stand down.

Most hilarious thing of all was CEO replied to all on an email going ballistic and as such I saw it…when I wasn’t meant to.


Hey there, thanks so much for getting in touch. We haven’t received any emails from you about this issue you’ve had with your delivery, only an email asking about student discount. We can always, always help in some way, so please please get in contact with Huel as soon as possible whenever anything like this happens so we can help you out!

Could you please email us on team@huel.com with your order number and we can do everything possible to get it to you today.

Also very disappointed in DX. They were supposed to deliver to my flat today - which has a 24/7 concierge service who accepts deliveries. DX just emailed me to say they couldn’t deliver today (Friday), didn’t give a reason why, and asked me to rearrange delivery.

The earliest I can arrange redelivery for is Tuesday. As they seem to not want to deliver to my concierge, I have changed the address to my work place. However the redelivery form states that if another person signs for my delivery, they must be able to show proof of both their and my identity. All this security for a few flavour boosts :expressionless:

This is making it extremely difficult to get hold of my flavour boosts.

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