Huel not delivered

Hi, my huel didnt arrive yesterday, i waited all day and today as it didnt arrive in the time slot. I checked online and it says it was delievered and signed for by me in a different city but i gave the correct address and it wasn’t. I Tried to contact DPD but they are closed all weekend now. So does anyone know if I should call DPD on Monday or sort it with Huel? Many Thanks

I guess Huel will need to sort it. They organised the courier. Bit of a bummer though at the weekend.

Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have been caused and for not replying sooner - I don’t read the forum everyday, sorry.

Have we spoken on Facebook? This sounds familiar and if you are who I think you are I responded to your DM on Monday. If that’s right it would be great to hear back so we can sort this out. Have you managed to get your parcel yet?

If you aren’t the person I think you are, drop us an email on and our customer service team will jump right on it.

Again, massive apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Tim,

I have a very similar problem where my Huel has not been delivered to the correct address two days ago, the email I received saying it was delivered to a neighbour is not correct as it refers to an address which does not exist. I have emailed with the problem and have also submitted a form on the Contact Us page and I am still yet to receive a response of any kind.

This is causing a massive inconvenience as I’ve paid £90+ for this order and was counting on it for breakfast/lunch for the next month. Please can you provide a response of ANY KIND??

Hi there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a delivery issue. I’ve just had a chat with our customer service team and they picked up your email yesterday and have been investigating this for you with our fulfillment team. They have raised a signature dispute, and have chased this again this morning to see how it has progressed. They should be able to update you via your email later today.