Delivered to the Wrong Address and No Response from Customer Service

I’d placed an order with Huel on the 21/7 for delivery to the UK. On the 24/7 I’d been advised by DPD that my item has been delivered to my safe place however after checking the picture sent to me by DPD it was obvious it had been delivered to the wrong address I didn’t even recognize the back gate in the picture.

I’ve contacted DPD who have told me the driver has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the parcel which been and they believe it was accidentally delivered about 10 houses down from my address. They had said they need to start an investigation and that I will need to contact Huel for assistance.

I’ve emailed first on the 26/7 and again to chase on the 30/7 and I have not even received an acknowledgement of the email both have been completely ignored.

Pretty bad experience for a first time customer I’d like to think that Huels usual customer service is a much better standard than this

What do I need to do to actually get some help from Huel with this issue?

Hey James,

I’ve taken a look at this for you and I can see we absolutely did receive your emails however these were, for some reason, missed. I will absolutely take a further look into this with the rest of the team to understand why this was.

I have now contacted our fulfilment team to gather some information on this. Of course, if DPD are having difficulties retrieving the parcel from the incorrect address, we will get a new parcel out to you ASAP.

Really sorry you felt ignored here, James. This is not at all what you should expect from us and please rest assured we will resolve this for you.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update!

Just popping back in with an update!

I have had a chat with the fulfilment team to their knowledge this was delivered to your requested safe place. Of course, as you have let us know that you didn’t receive this, we have arranged for a new parcel to be sent out for delivery tomorrow.

Super sorry about the delay with this James and I hope you can get started on your Huel journey soon!

Hi Olivia,

I appreciate the initial mistake was by the courier. Thanks for getting back to me and providing a fast resolution