Anyone had their delivery sent back by courier before?

So i was meant to receive my Huel today. But without notification I checked my DPD app and it said my delivery was sent back to HUEL.

Now I thought something was weird when it appeared at a different depot than Id expect. Like the next town along. It had the correct address so no excuses there.

Very poor service though from DPD on this account. I have reached out to HUEL awaiting response.

It can happen… DPD sometimes put their deliveries into the wrong van or send them to the wrong depot or sorting hub. I’ve had parcels go missing, get damaged and even end up in another country!
Never had problems with my Huel deliveries but plenty problems with other DPD deliveries.
On the bright side, if your parcel has been returned to Huel that should speed up the resolution for you!
Sometimes DPD issues can take a while to solve because if the parcel is lost, they have to investigate. At least you know where yours is!
Huel will be able to send you another as soon as they get your email I expect


I hope its soon as 3 days without any feedback , here , facebook or email so far is getting frustrating.

@Dan_Huel @Olivia_Huel @Tim_Huel
Anyone able to help?

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Another friendly bump for attention . I don’t have 42 quid to just ignore right now . I was initially meant to receive my bags on the 29th.

I finally got response from a Charlotte on Facebook . And a half response
From Instagram ( possibly the same person ) . Thankyou

Hey Rich, sorry for the delay - working through the forum now and missed this (thanks for tag @ChristinaT. Glad Charlotte replied to you, albeit via Facebook.

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Thanks Tim . I understand mistakes can happen I just wanted to be a bit more aware what was going on as I wanted to kickstart with huel again from the 1st this month so was a bit disappointed . £40 is a lot to me too . Thanks again

All been handled now . You guys went above and beyond for me in the end . Many thanks .


Huel customer service are awesome :sunglasses:
Might take them a while to get through the queries
But always go above and beyond when they do get there :grin::+1:t2::ok_hand:t2: