Has my order been lost?

Hi there.

Have been using Huel for a couple of months now and loving it. Had no issues whatsoever (other than some heartburn initially) up until now!

I ordered 2 bags of Huel on 4th of Sept, and received an email from Huel/DPD that my order will arrive on 6th. Nothing has arrived yet, and when I check on the DPD tracking link, its says they’ve received my order details but not my parcel. They suggest getting in touch with the sender to find out whats going on.

I have tried contacting Huel via email, but havent had much success as of yet. My concern is that the parcel has been lost.

Has this happened to any other Huelers? And if so, what advice do you have as to how I can get my ‘food’!

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I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m guessing there is a bit of a back-log of orders which they weren’t able to fulfil…
Their response to emails is pretty slow at the moment too so I’m assuming a back log there as well - I sent them an email re a missing order on Wednesday 4th and I’m still waiting for a reply.

They always sort it in the end though. I’m guessing they will dispatch your order Monday and you’ll get a DPD notification, but if not you can tag Tim or Olivia or Dan on here and they will be able to find out what’s going on. I’ve not tagged them now, cos it’s the weekend… and they won’t be here til Monday anyway

It’s my understanding (and experience) that DPD send their email on the basis Huel will be able to fulfill the order on time. If Huel are out of stock or there is a backlog DPD will just say we haven’t received your parcel yet. It will sit like this until Huel despatch the order and then DPD will update with a new date.

Thats really helpful guys. Thanks for that. Feel a bit more reassured now thanx

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Hmm, getting interesting now:


So sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with the delivery of your order! We are currently in the process of changing fulfilment centres and as a result have experienced a few hiccups.

We can absolutely look into this for you however this is always best done via email - could you please drop us an email to team@huel.com with your order number?

Thank you in advance!

I recommend you change them more slowly rather than gulping them down; this will help prevent hiccups and with belching, but will probably have no benefits with the farting issue.