Missing order

I ordered a Huel order last week to be delivered from when I get back from holiday, and I am still waiting for it, I’ve sent an email Saturday night, but obviously through Sunday I doubt they are at work, I have the email telling me that they are busy, but I’m still waiting and the first working day of the week is almost over. I think I’ve ordered from Huel about 10 times and I’ve never had a problem before, it’s just so frustrating not knowing what is going on.

I’m just going request a refund through PayPal, as i’m getting no communication or anything from them. I’ll wait until 5pm.

Hey Amelia. I’m really sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. You’re right we have a reduced service over the weekend and it can take a bit of time to catch-up.

There’s no need to request a refund, worst case scenario is your order will be resent.

I have tagged one of our Customer Experience team to get back to you when they can. @Olivia_Huel

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Thank you Dan, sorry I was a little frustrated and not having the best of days.

Thank you for your reply.

No worries it happens to the best of us.

I’ve had someone look into this and nothing has come up under your name.

Would you mind letting me know your order number and/or email address please?

Just got an email from DPD now, it’ll be here in an hour. Just never had my orders take a full week before.

Order was #1002377

Thanks again, maybe I was a little impatient.

Thanks Amelia.

It looks like this was an issue on DPD’s end so we will raise this with them and take it further if needed.

Please reply to the email you received if you do not receive your order today.

Same @Olivia_Huel @Tim_Huel. Not convinced it’s an issue with DPD! My order was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, after ordering late on Thursday. I received an email from DPD on Friday night saying my order would be delivered tomorrow (Saturday). It is now Tuesday, no delivery and on the tracking it still says DPD is waiting for my package from Huel. I emailed customer services yesterday when it became clear I wasn’t going to receive my order. I can’t really wait 3-4 days for them to respond which seems to be the average time (not raging I know you’re busy right now), so can you please just reship today to arrive tomorrow. Super annoying as I needed the rtd’s for tonight and tomorrow morning. Order number is #1007703. Thanks

@Olivia_Huel @Tim_Huel I have just tried calling your phone number and was unable to get through to the customer experience team. Please can someone get back to me today, this is getting extremely frustrating and dampening my enthusiasm for a company I’m really excited about! I can sympathise to a point about the delays, but according to other posts you changed fulfilment partners last month and the customer service email auto response has been switched on all year. Sorry if you’re understaffed and still having issues, but I just want to know what’s happening so I can plan accordingly. Please don’t let this ruin Huel for me :cry:

Hey there, thanks for the patience. I’ve chased the CE team. I know you’re pumped about getting your Huel, we’re not ignoring you.

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Hi @Tim_Huel, thanks so much for your response. I’m really happy to say my order was reshipped yesterday and I received it today. One slightly disappointing thing was that my order was missing my free shaker and 2 scoops. I will email the CS team to ask for them to be sent out, but this now means I have to wait another X number of days to begin Huel. Thankfully I was recommended your products and told how fantastic Huel is, otherwise I might’ve given up by now. Not sure why so many issues with deliveries, but hoping if I do subscribe they will be sorted by then. Just a bit of feedback after my experience, but aside from the missing items I’m happy with the way my lost order was handled. Thanks

You can always get started with weighing scales and a blender if you have them. 38g per scoop if you want to weigh it out until you get your scoops through. Lots of people weigh theirs rather than relying on scoops to measure anyway.
If you don’t have a blender then any protein drink shaker or a water bottle/thermos flask will do the job, especially if you make it up and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours before drinking.


No excuses from me, I’m really sorry this has been such a problem. In the background there’s tons of stuff happening, I know how it can seem though that we’re working so hard on any issues. New fulfilment centre along with a ton of changes in the background too have led to a increase in problems. We’re through the worst now. I know the team will be all over your starter kit.

Second @Liath’s great advice with one amendment to promise you’ll recycle any other shakers you have when yours eventually arrives! Joking of course…