Order not delivered again

My order which should have been delivered yesterday has stil not arrived today, I have emailed you today by your direct link and also via the website but no reply…
I also tried phoning but no one answer,
As this is my first order I am not impressed with your service.
Looking forward to your reply if any.

Phil - i’m Sure you realise that this is a USER forum, though staffers do look in …

From experience i’d Say that if Huel confirmed by email that your order is dispatched, you’d do better to contact the Carrier direct.

And i’d Also say that i’ve Been a customer for a good while now, and have found customer service/ support to be great (Huel) and also i personally have had good experience with DPD (who deliver mine).

Hope the mystery is soon solved…

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Hey Phil, I’ve checked in with the CS team and we just hadn’t got to your email yet (it had been sent 7 hours prior to this message). We’re on the case now and I’ve asked Emilija to kindly respond to you.

Really sorry for any issues with your order, we’ll get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:


Phil, checked out with the CS team and the postcode you entered in the delivery information was incorrect. We’ve got the correct information now and DPD will update the address, your package should be delivered tomorrow.

In addition, I just noticed that the topic of this thread is “Order not delivered again. But you also mention it’s your first order:

I just want to check in as I’m concerned that if this has happened before then the address might have been wrong on your subscription address too (if you have a subscription). Let me know and we can sort it out :slight_smile:

Seems to be a regular theme

People order something
But make a mistake with their order
Don’t get their order within the shortest time period known to man
Complain on forums saying how bad a product / company is
Company sorts the problem out (even tho it was the buyers mistake)
Item arrives with the buyer
No reply saying THANKYOU for helping etc etc etc

But the company gets tarnished / bad press / etc etc

Mistakes do happen people !
We ALL make mistakes !!
And occasionally things do go wrong !

Why do people keep complaining on a public forum blaming all and sundry when it could have been (was in this instance) their own fault ??



Ok, so apologies I made an error and got one letter wrong with my postcode, surely in this day and age a delivery company could find the address by the rest of the address.

Anyway to reply to the criticisms of raising this on the forum and of posting “order not delivered again”.

I raised this on the forum because I had no contact from Huel to say my order was undelivered due to the incorrect postcode error, also they did not answer the phone or reply to my emails in good time, I only got a reply after posting on here.

I say undelivered again because the first delivery date advised to me was Monday, I then received an email advising that I requested to change it to to Tuesday, which I had not requested. And then nothing.

I have now been advised that the order will be delivered tomorrow, fingers crossed.

This is my first experience of Huel and appreciate that it is not there fault that the courier did not deliver on time due to my slight error however the customer service i have received has not been great.



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I suppose it depends on which letter you got wrong in your post code.Maybe as there are so many parcels they first look at the post code and send it to the Post codes local hub, then there they look at the street name. So your wrong letter you put may have sent it to another area, maybe the other side of the country. Or if the Post code you put doesn’t exist it’s put in another pile to be checked by Town/county ( if it’s got them down ), so either way it’s going to be held up for a day or 2 before you get it.
I am might be totally wrong though and spouting rubbish lol just a guess, :laughing:

If it’s inthe first part of the postcode it could be way off track:

The Outward Code

Enables mail to be sorted to the correct local area for delivery. This part of the code contains the area and the district to which the mail is to be delivered, e.g. ‘PO1’, ‘SW1A’ or ‘B23’. The letters Q, V and X are not used in the first alpha position. The letters I, J and Z are not used in the second alpha position. The only letters to appear in the third position are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, P, S, T, U and W.

Inward Code

The second part is known as the Inward Code because it is used to sort the mail INTO the local area delivery office. This part is one number followed by two letters. The number identifies the sector in the postal district. The letters then define one or more properties in that sector. The letters C I K M O V are not used in the second part of the Postcode. In total, the Postcode is made up of 124 Areas, 2,827 Districts and 9,487 Sectors. These figures change frequently as address density and populations increase forcing the Royal Mail to split an area (and its postcode) assigning new postcodes.