Address mistake

Hi I accidentally put part of my post code incorrect on my order but reat of the address was correct will ot still be delivered

Are you in the Uk?
If yes you can download the DPD app and change your address details in there.

If it’s the last part of the postcode that’s wrong then hopefully they should still deliver correctly anyway, but it depends really on the courier.
If the first part thats wrong then that’s much more tricky as the parcel could potentially end up at the incorrect depot or even in the wrong city.

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Hey Kim, sorry to hear this, have you managed to get in touch with our CE team via We also have a live chat function on our site (speech bubble in the bottom right) if you would like a resolution a bit faster.

Sorry for the problems, let us know how we can help.

But why was I not contacted by the courier it says you will be contacted an hour prior I was eligible for next day delivery yet I still havent had an email or phone call from the courier. Surely the parcel has been returned yet I have no parcel for the £51
I spent which has already left my bank account. The wrong address doesnt isnt even in existence so I am unsure what to do next. Is there any chance of a refund or the package being re sent. Thank you

Hi I downloaded the DPD app as.dorected and there is no activity there so I’m very confused. Can you please send me the parcel reference number so I can tru that. Thank you

I have also just tried calling DPD my phone number is not recognised so I’m not sure what this means is my parcel not even out for delivery yet. Could some one please help me as this is for a birthday present and its causing me alot of distress to try sort
this out whilst at work.

Thank you.

I was advised to go to the online chat for immediate response no like was online

The DPD app should recognise your shipment from your email address. Make sure you add the email address which you used to order Huel, and the active parcel should be visible in the app then.

This is very odd, usually not long after receiving your order confirmation you should then receive the shipping confirmation from DPD.

Of course! It seems as if the order has been put on hold due to the wrong postcode on the address.

We are terribly sorry for any distress caused here and for the gap on live chat, If you are still having issues trying to get in touch on live chat, please send us a message on our social pages, or and we will make sure to get the order re-sent out for you.