Wrong delivery address added

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I am a university student and I had accidentally put in the wrong postcode for my address. I put in my home address postcode instead of my term time postcode and my package has been shipped to go to that address. I had emailed Huel but I have not had any response from them as of yet. I had been waiting but I had no response and then I had an email confirming that the package has been shipped!
Order number is: #1010938

This is not the correct place to report it. We are just consumers who like to laugh at the misfortune of others. If it has been shipped already I expect DPD will manage to lose it and you can then get some more sent.

Once you have a tracking number you can re-arrange your delivery or deliver to another address, but as they are likely in different parts of the country that may not get it to you.

You emailed huel already but alas they will be imbibing cheap lager and cider (well Tim will be on the Lambrini) by now at the local alehouse. Try again tomorrow when they may have sobered up enough to work it out.


Your only option at this point is to download the DPD app and select an alternative delivery address. They will only redirect within the same town however so maybe redirect it to your parents or a friend who can accept your delivery and who is willing to bring it to you at Uni in exchange for a hug and a beer!

If there is no address within the same town as the given postcode that can you can safely send it to then hopefully it will get returned to sender and you can email team@huel.com to get it sent again to the correct address.
As it’s already been shipped, Huel can’t really help at this point… DPD won’t change the delivery address I don’t think (I could be wrong on this, but in my experience DPD are not very helpful when these kind of issues arise).

Hope you get your Huel !
Double check the address next time!!! :woman_facepalming:t3: :roll_eyes: :laughing::laughing:


Let’s hope mum and dad don’t get to the huel before you do


Looks like delivery to an alternate address was requested yesterday Shaun. Someone on the CE team should be replying to your email as we speak to confirm this.

Your parents are not going to get any of that lovely lovely Huel.


Nor will anyone else if DPD live up to their reputation.

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…still much as I mock DPD, my 2 regular drivers are good. I am expecting a parcel via DX today…that always causes me a headache and they never seem to get it right.