Wrong postcode and no communication

I ordered some Huel on Thursday last week and accidentally put the wrong postcode in the delivery details. I tried contacting DPD to change this and they said I had to contact the sender. I’ve sent Huel an email on Friday and today (this morning as I’m sure they’re closed now) and haven’t received any response meaning my package is just being held at a DPD depot. Going to have been a week since I ordered before I get delivery at this rate (I know it’s partially my fault but the lack of communication when I spent £60 on something is really off putting)

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I’m having to come back on the forum as communication with Huel over email has been absolutely awful. I ordered my Huel around 2 weeks ago with the wrong postcode. Huel said they would correct my postcode and send me the package again and so far have not done so. They then also told me that they would give me a refund which I also haven’t received. It’s been two weeks waiting for something that I paid £60 for and expected the next day. I guess at least I’ve learnt a lesson of never to get my postcode wrong again and also never to try and communicate with Huel over email.

That’s 2 lessons. Maths can be your third. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve asked the team for an update. Sorry for the problems here.