Extremely disappointed

After send four email, i’ve decide to try this way.
I’ve made and order yesterday and I noticed almost immediatly that i wrote the wrong zip code. i’ve send lots of email at info@huel.com but not reply at all! It’s not the way to behave! I require an answer because I advise you immediatly as you say on the website if there’s a problem.

I believe the Huel team get inundated with emails, and they are dealt with in receipt order. If you’ve sent them four saying pretty much the same thing that probably isn’t helpful. In fact it’s not the way to behave (as a “friend of mine” used to say).


Following on from what @hunzas said, as the guys are out of office on the weekend, on a Monday they will almost certainly have a backlog of emails to deal with. Don’t panic, they are a great team, and will reply to your email as soon as they get to it.

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Hey Lorenzo, I’ve contacted the EU team to take a look at this. I’ll edit this post when I have more information. Sorry for any issues with your order, we’ll get them sorted.

Lucie has responded to you, there are a lot of emails in the EU inbox right now but we’ve actioned yours now and we’ve requested for the zipcode to be changed however this isn’t always possible, particularly if the order has already been sent out. We will do our best on this one. Lucie will keep you updated but if we can’t amend it before dispatch, you will need to register to UPS MyChoice and will be able to manage your delivery yourself.

You weren’t at all don’t worry. I appreciate that you just want to get your Huel delivered to the correct address :slight_smile: we’ll work it out don’t worry!

Thank you Tim, I’m a little bit nervous because I spent a lot of money and I made this stupid mistake.
Sorry for mine being rude.

So … YOU make a mistake with your zip code (which is fine, as we all make mistakes)
And then you complain that Huel didn’t reply quick enough and you are ‘extremely disappointed’ …:scream:

As it has been pointed out Huel are extremely busy and Monday is probably ‘catch up’ day dealing with issues from the weekend

Your issue WILL be dealt with, but patience is a good thing …
Just wondering what you will write if you don’t lose 30kg immediately after your first sip of huel !

This is meant slightly tongue in cheek… don’t get too angry …