Bad Customer Experience

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create this topic to see if you could help me with a bad customer service situation that I am having at the moment.

The thing is the following: I made and order the past 4th of november to be delivered to Spain. A couple of days later (6th on November), HUEL sent me and email telling me that they’ve had a problem with one of the products and therefore, they wont be able to send me the product in 10 days. IN exchange for the inconveninece, they offered me a 10€ discount for my next order of 40€ or more.

Right after this email from Huel, I reply and say, “ok, I can understand it, but if it’s possible for you to send me one of the products before 10 days and the other one with which you are having problems in 10 days, it would be great (I ordered 2 different products). This way, I woulnd’t skip my plan”.

The thing is, I didn’t get anw answer of this email, so I sent another one saying more or less the same 2 days afeter (8th of november) to the same account (

Not an answer yet, so I decide to send them a private message through Instagram, where they are quite active 2 days later (the 10th). Of course, I didn’t get any answer.

14th of November, I’ve been skipping my plan for 4 days, so I keep insisting and send one more email, this time to One more time, withouth an answer.

I am starting to believe that they are doing this to me as a bad marketing strategy with the aim for me to say, “ok, nevermind. Next time I have a 10€ discount”. Hopefuly this is not the case because if it is, I will never buy another product from HUEL cause I will never trust a brand that claims having and amazing customer service (Exactly what they claim is: “If you have a question about an order, delivery or upcoming deliveries then it is best for you to email You will be put in touch with our amazing customer service team who will be able to resolve your issue faster than any post to the forum will”), and not being able to reply to any of my 4 emails, nor to my IG message.

So here my question to the forum:

Has any of you had an experience like this?

If so, how do you manage to solve it?

I would appreciate very much your help on this.


I have never experienced this problem with Huel, but I have experienced similar with other companies. It is very frustrating. I don’t know what has caused the issue…I assume it may be increased demand following TV advert, but the customer service team are PROBABLY inundated with queries. I think they could have dealt with some of the flak if they had a better strategy for answering the problems, but there is no easy way for that. They could stick a big message on the website/the forum etc., but that would not be good for future business as may put people off.

What they should do is send regular blanket update emails to the affected customers which would field plenty of the messages/mails calls and then leave them more time to address more specific questions like yours.

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I guess it is the European team that are dealing with it; not sure if they have different processes.

The Huel UK Team have always been excellent with customer service, but I sense they are struggling a bit just now, an the longer people go without a satisfactory reply the more they continue to harass…and try all methods, creating more messy communication streams.

Hey, I’m in France and having similar problems with bad customer service. I’ve actually just placed an order with Feed and also investigating Joylent (renamed).

I think its particularly bad when you consider their subscription plan. I’m not sure what the point is in subscribing when you cant actually rely on products arriving on time.

I also think they underestimate how shoddy delivery can impact on your health. Especially if you go full huel, it takes awhile for your body to adjust. I dont think it seems healthy to be adjusting and readjusting every time.

Its also an issue in terms of budgeting - they encourage you to replace your meals with Huel, so you cough up and place an order, and if that doesnt come in time, it means some people can be left with very little food money left. Thats why its not right to compare their delivery with delivery offered by other non food companies.

All in all, I think if you’re selling food, delivery needs to be your top priority. And I agree with you that the customer service is really shocking, but maybe thats a europe issue. All the same, its insulting


couldn’t agree more with you.

I just hope this is a temporary issue that is going to be solve in a short period.

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You make a good point. I hope it is resolved soon for you


Im having similar problems now. I ordered 2 packets of vanilla and 1 box of granola. Package arrived with no granola.
I have emailed Huel team twice and have had no reply.
Very poor for a company you feel have good intensions.
Im from Liverpool so not a foreign issue.

Hi all, I really really want to stress that we are not ignoring your emails, due to limited stock on certain Huel Powder products we have a massive influx of customer service emails and are working through them as fast as we can in chronological order.

Your patience is so great appreciated, we think that in general our response time will be at least 24 hours, this will likely increase over the weekend due to reduced service.

This a temporary issue that we are resolving. We are blending Huel and packing orders almost constantly through the day and night to make up the backlog. Any delays to your orders are by and large because of stock shortages.

I can’t express how sorry we are for the issues and we are sending emails frequently to update all with these issues and status of orders in general. Your patience is really, really appreciated.


Never had an issue with Huel CS, they have always been great with me.

Same here no problems at all. I wonder how many work in Huel CS and how many emails they get, especially lately with the shortages.

Speaking of which, I put an order in yesterday evening and it was dispatched this morning so there working hard to catch up. I hope the workers are looked after and given free Huel drinks in there breaks :grin:

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about half of them

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How many people work at Huel?

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All of them, hopefully, :wink:


So why is Huel prioritising UK customers then? I put an order in on the 8th and its still not dispatched. @FCala has yours been dispatched yet?

@Tim_Huel do you know why some customers are getting next day dispatch while others are coming up for a two week wait?

I am not sure about that Tim bloke though, goes walkabout apparently and nobody knows where he hides out :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

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You ordered a can of worms…and looks like it has been opened.


I ordered the Gluten free original Huel, maybe there is less demand for it so gets dispatched quicker than the others.

He sure did! I’m sure there’s a perfectly unreasonable and illogical explanation for this.

I don’t think that’s it: the ‘delayed delivery’ message has gone from the UK website, while the ‘rest of Europe’ website is showing the ‘there will be a 10 day delay’ message.

So what’s going on @Tim_Huel ? Are you going all Brexity on us?

fairly sure Tim sleeps at Huel HQ. bless him for the dedication :grin:

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