Huel did not ship my subscription

I have a subscription with Huel and it was due to be shipped on the 18th of January, but I did not receive an email saying that they placed the order nor an email saying that the order was shipped with the tracking number. I was confused at first but figured that maybe it was a system bug and they were going to ship the Huel to me anyway (as my card was charged for the order). However, I became suspicious when my Huel didn’t arrive for a week (it took less than a week to arrive last time) so I mailed customer support. After receiving no response, I continued to mail them on both and for the past couple of weeks to ask them to look into this situation. The only responses I have gotten are automated emails saying that they’ll get to my case or emails asking me to rate their customer service.

I am seriously done with this situation and I have no idea why I have gotten 0 response from Huel. This was really disappointing and as someone who wants to incorporate Huel into their daily routine, I feel less sure about doing so because of their unreliable customer service and shipping. I’ve even managed to convince my boyfriend to try Huel out but since this situation happened he became hesitant on starting it. I really hope that Huel steps up their game, this is an extremely absurd situation and makes me want to look for an alternative product if this doesn’t get fixed. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

I’ll tag tim and olivia and they may pick it up tomorrow… the situation is far from ideal. Seem to be a lot of customer service complaints recently @Tim_Huel @Olivia_Huel


I’ve read so many bad experiences with the shipping and customer service… I was excited to try huel, but a company with bad customer service and taking your money with no contact for weeks or even a phone number to call them is a big no for me.

And the only way that they seem to try to solve or even care is by posting on a forum.

@Idbxy do you actually have a customer service issue or are you having a moan about nothing, for the sake of it?
You’ve spent a grand total of 6minutes in the forum, and viewed 4 posts.
Hardly gives you a rounded view.

I’ve had order issues and they’ve always been resolved promptly with one email. I’ve never needed to post any issues here on the forum in order to get them dealt with.

Maybe read some more threads on the forum… other than the small percentage that are about order issues…


Yeah, there are some great ones about scoops…and one or two about farting.


For years Huel have managed to fulfill orders without fault and people have always raved about how amazing the customer service is. Towards the end of last year a lot of new products released and at the beginning of this year they changed the website, I think it’s just all come at once and there’s been a bit of a wobble. However, during all this time, the vast majority of orders are being fulfilled without fault. That’s why you see so many happy people on the forum. Yes there’s been a few more complaints but that’s expected as a company grows in size and complexity. As a percentage of happy customers I think it’s still very very small. Sorry you got caught on the wrong side of it

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It’s a shame there can’t be a few customer service reps, or take it in turns, to deal directly with issues through the forum. Maybe check on here every hour or half an hour, and issues can be sorted more quickly. Or a live chat option, I know Huel is still a small company and these things might come eventually, but Huel seems to be growing fast right now. How many customer service reps are there now dealing with hundreds or more emails I wonder. Or as John @hunzas says, are they always in the pub? :beer::beers:


I don’t say that…I know they can only be in the pub at most half the time, as they are off skiing the other half.


Hey Yinuo, thanks for the message. So sorry to hear about this. I’m not sure what’s gone on but I will raise it with the team and check it out. We’ll be in touch with a resolution if we haven’t already.

We have a phone number sorry you couldn’t find it, it’s on the site and it’s 01296 678516.

Bit strong, a slow response is absolutely nothing to do with lack of care. We ignore nothing and respond to everything, we would love to have a faster response time and we’re working heavily to improve this. Making the site more intuitive and the account management better in the long term is all part of that. Granted, elements didn’t work perfectly straight away, that’s to be expected, the engineering team transferred 100s of thousands of data points overnight and we didn’t lose a single one. They built the entire system from scratch and compared to the previous version this is far superior.

The forum isn’t a customer service platform, it’s a space to discuss and debate Huel, but we’re not just going to ignore people’s complaints when they come up.

Thank you John. :man_facepalming: