Delivery delays

How long are the delivery delays in UK?
I’ve placed an order 2 days ago and asked support about when it will be delivered and so far all support requests were not answered.
Does anyone know how long they waited to get their orders?

I just got mine delivered, 3 days from ordering. I got an email saying delay, then delivered next day.

I put an order in a week last Friday night the 16th around 9PM and it arrived on the Sunday morning 18th at 10am.
Not heard if there struggling in any areas with drivers self isolating but could well be. I’ve read Royal mail are struggling in some areas with deliveries not going out with staff shortages with pinging NHS apps. As is happening all over the country at the moment. I guess many will delete the app

So sorry your support requests have gone unanswered, do you have a ticket number so I can check this out for you with our team?

Then I can check out any delivery updates for you to see when your order should be with you.

I had several (non-Huel) DPD overnight deliveries last week delayed by a day, so I think it’s the pingdemic that’s having an effect.

I ordered last Wednesday afternoon. I followed up on Friday and was told my delivery would arrive Saturday. It’s now Monday evening and no huel and no dispatch confirmation. Neither has there been any further communication. Very disappointed, your customer service used to be top notch. It’s even more galling given the fact you are still advertising next day delivery.

Now Tuesday and still no huel. I’ve requested a full refund because somebody, somewhere is telling lies. I’ve been told this afternoon that you have contacted the warehouse team about my order. According to the my orders section, this order has been showing as dispatched for the last 3 days! I’ve also been told that your delivery partner has been suffering staff issues yet your delivery partner has been to my house at least 3 times in 4 days with no delays. I do not expect to be lied to by customer service agents.

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No one is lying to you, Dale. We’re doing the best we can with an extremely volatile supply chain and workforce currently. We are doing as much as we can to get your delivery to you and are replying to your messages.

I would also like to ask you to read the rules of the forum.

The purpose of the forum is to have great conversations and polite debate about Huel topics.

If you have a question about an order, delivery or upcoming deliveries then it is best for you to email, contact us on Live Chat, or our social channels

You will be put in touch with our amazing customer service team who will be able to resolve your issue faster than any post to the forum will. The purpose of the forum is to have great conversations and polite debate about Huel topics.

We absolutely want you to get your Huel and get any delivery issues sorted. However, the forum isn’t quite the right place for this since most of the people using this cannot help you, they’re just other Hueligans who want to chat about Huel, not DPD or specific orders!

The topic was delivery delays

Well somebody is lying I’m afraid. Why else would you be contacting your warehouse team about an order that’s been showing as dispatched for the last 3 days. Either it’s been dispatched and it’s a courier issue or it hasn’t been dispatched and is a warehouse issue. It can’t be both.

I’ve had a response to my ticket and although they are very nice and friendly, unfortunately it seems there was a system error and my order didn’t go through and now on top of the warehouse delays, my order may take a while to come. Hoping for it soon however.

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I ordered NINE days ago on July 20th and as far as I can tell my order hasn’t yet been dispatched. I contacted support on the 27th and was told “We are experiencing shipping delays at the moment due to some unforeseen staff shortages with our logistics partners”.

Luckily I can still get the RTD in Sainsbury, although it is more expensive. I hope they don’t also run out of stock because that will be a major problem for my diet :frowning:

Problems caused by mass isolation and supply chain issues, seem to have hit Huel hard!

I ordered Last Thursday (a week ago) and had the confirmation email but still yet to get a delivery update email. Since then I have checked in with the customer service team and got one response that they would check and update me. That was 2 days ago and i’m still yet to hear anything.

To be fair to them, in that time, response time on the email has been updated from expected in 24hrs to 48hrs. Sounds like that poor team are going through hell but I agree as a customer it is a little concerning to not have any concrete updates a week after ordering.

Ordered a couple of days ago and had a 1 day delay, always make sure you have some left before ordering, isnt rocket science

I had plenty left when I ordered but wasn’t expecting to be waiting 9+ days.

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No idea whats gone wrong ordered on Tuesday and it was delivered today. Maybe depending on where you live?

I ordered RTD and Huel Bars. Maybe they are out of stock while other products are still in stock.

If out of stock they are usually good about letting you know what product and estimated delay, was that was for me a few weeks ago.