Package delivered? FINALLY after the formal complain to the DPD

Hello, I have beed waiting to use Huel for some time and finally decided to order it. Did it yesterday knowing it will arrive today and…it didn’t. It is somewhere in Barking ( I think?) The driver from DPD SOMEHOW dropped it somewhere else than the address he supposed to and now he’s gone and not even know if he will be able to deliver it today. Made a former complaint to DPD lady ( after waiting 26 MINUTES ) who was kind for me to call the driver. Wanted to use Huel today as my late lunch and be happy human being on Monday and I don’t think is gonna happen. Im very upset with it and the way is was done. It affects now how I look at Huel and my excitement is gone. Very disappointing.


After hearing the package was not in the car, it took a driver around 5 minutes to come to the RIGHT address with my package in hand. Not sure what’s happening with DPD but I think as a company you should have a proper look how they are delivering the product.

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Only downside to Huel is their use of DPD, Royal Mail all the way for me.

Last DPD guy damaged the hinge on my electric box cover trying to force a parcel in there…:angry:

Anyway at least you got your Huel today, how have you got on with it?

I think would much preferred to use royal mail rather than DPD. Had a very annoying day at work and adding this on top of it, was too much.

As to using Huel, I haven’t opened the bag yet, was thinking about doing it tomorrow for my breakfast as I need to leave for work quite early so that could be a good test.

Make it tonight and put it in the fridge :wink:


Y’all should be happy you’re not stuck with UPS… as rest of Europeans are. They’re worse. :frowning:

I’m just puzzled how FAST the driver showed up at my door after I made a complain to DPD…suddenly a whole day of waiting switched to bring at my door less than 10 mins after the call! Where the call was around 2 pm, where package supposed to be with me at my address at 10.36…

Anyway, all good for now, just hope next time it won’t happen.

Ps. To huel people: maybe would be good 8dea to let people choose dpd or royal mail ?

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