Delivery not the best but Huel is yummy

I had my first package delivered last night. I say delivered but the delivery driver didn’t bother ringing the doorbell and didn’t very loudly (if he knocked at all). I was in so I’m feeling aggrieved. They delivered it to my neighbour and the only reason I knew was from the email that said it w delivered. 5-10 minutes after delivery i picked it up. The neighbour wasn’t too happy either as she’s not well but felt hurried. DPD is not what it used to be.

Apart from that I was thrilled to get the free t-shirt and scoop as I tried it years ago and lost them.

I’ve tried the vanilla flavour and it’s much improved. I actually like it now. Hopefully I’ll keep it up this time!


Agreed re poor delivery. I’ve got a large storage box opposite my front door, and explicitly asked them to put my order in that on the delivery instructions. Instead they went into the back garden, left the gate open (which isn’t great when you’ve got a dog) and left the package in my garden waste bin - which was half filled with garden waste at the time. Doesn’t seem much point in having a delivery instructions box on the order if the instructions get ignored.


Totally agree. I know delivery drivers have it relatively hard but they could really ring a door bell or read a delivery note.

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Commiserations. I am so lucky. DPD are spot on in my area.