DPD delivered to the wrong person [Solved]

Had to rearrange a delivery from Saturday to Sunday and at 1206 I get an update on the DPD app to say it was signed for.

I don’t have my delivery and my delivery is now sat in someone else’s address as DPD got entire address wrong not just the number but the whole address. I’ve logged a complaint with DPD but I sit on a Sunday night having to wait till sometime on Monday for a response and maybe a new package.

I had the same problem with DPD a couple of months ago. Delivered to the wrong house. DPD sorted it out eventually but it took several days. Fortunately, in my case, the DPD driver remembered which house he had delivered it to. In the end, it was left to me to go to the house and ask for my Huel back though. Not the only time I’ve had issues with DPD. Needless to say, I’m not a huge DPD fan :smiley:

My fear is that they deny its there and I’m left with something I’ve paid for and no way of obtaining a replacement. It’s making me question continuing with my subscription

Hey Steve, sorry to hear that you’ve been having a run around with DPD, thanks for emailing us yesterday – that’s definitely the best way to get this sorted. We’ve got your message and will get it sorted ASAP, we’re just working our way through the backlog of the weekend. We will get you your Huel!

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Thanks Tim really appreciate the feedback, the lack of response from DPD though is laughable as much as it is shockingly bad.

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Let me know when to expect a delivery. I’m down to last bottle of huel vanilla. I miss the coffee one

After the diligent detective work by the huel team they located the parcel. Shame the store is currently closed. If the mods can lock this its now resolved

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Had the same poor experiences with DPD, simply woeful.
They cant appear to deliver to the centre of cambridge for some reason.

Now, as soon as i receive the email from DPD, i log on and change the delivery so they deliver to Halfords. I then go and pick it up after work or the weekend.
Not great, and not sure this option helps you Steve, but i was tired of futile discussions with DPD.


Hiya Dean its been solved due to diligence of huels customer team. They managed to locate the parcel all I have to do is to collect it

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