DPD - two weeks in a row the driver's come to the building and left without delivering rather than wait for me to come down :(

Hullo Huel! :slight_smile: I’ve had my weekly delivery sent to my work address for the last month or two and it’s always arrived on-time and without incident up until last week, when DPD’s website said the driver couldn’t find the address.

I ended up having to take an extended lunch break the following day to bimble down to the nearest drop-off point and pick up my delivery. No big deal - it’s bound to happen once in a while, or so I thought.

Anyway, today, the exact same thing has happened - I tracked the DPD driver on their website right up to our front door, saw him go into our building from my 9th floor window, but by the time I got downstairs he had already left, with my package, and once again the website said that the driver couldn’t find the address.

Whuh?! He was right here! :frowning:

I’ve just had a chat with our very nice security chap on the reception desk, and he tells me that the DPD driver came in and was asked to wait a minute while the receptionist dealt with a queue of people. Apparently the driver wasn’t keen on this so he left.

What kind of pressure must DPD be putting on their drivers if the drivers aren’t inclined to wait a couple of minutes to make a delivery?

And, can I possibly have my Huel shipped by an alternate courier please? If it’s going to cost a lot more, I’ll put a bulk order in for a few months’-worth rather than deal with this nonsense every week :frowning:

Thankfully, this is pretty much my only gripe about my Huel experience (well, that and the fact I’ve not cracked cooking savoury-cheesy-Huel bread yet…).



Normally you can leave alternate delivery instructions…is there any possibility of asking the courier to leave with security on reception? Assuming security are allowed to take delivery. From the DPD drivers that come here, I know they don’t hang around long.


Have you got the DPD app? It’ll show you a map with roughly where the driver is and when to expect them (“you’re delivery 20, driver is currently at delivery 15”) so you can meet them downstairs and give a little dig about them ditching last time :wink:


From the OP, looks like they did track him…maybe abseil down the building for added speed. :stuck_out_tongue:


A gentle call of “OI, DPD, WAIT THERE” out the window perhaps? Lol

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a sniper’s rifle to take out the tyres as back-up.


I’d be annoyed if that happened to me to. I’d arrange for it to be left with security or a neighbour, if that’s possible.

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I’d like to see Huel contact DPD & then give official feedback on this incident.

I’ve had no trouble with DPD myself but I’m sick of these kind of situations in general. They seem to be happening more & more often. Companies go with cheap couriers & they try to get their prices down by putting their drivers under ridiculous pressure.

If the end customer complains it has little effect. The business which is the paying customer of the courier company needs to be the one complaining.


DPD are by no means the cheap option. We have previously used other, cheaper couriers, and the service was inferior. Using DPD, we pay more in delivery, but it is easily worth it for a better experience overall for Huel users.

Unfortunately, no courier service will ever be perfect as we can’t control the actions of individual drivers. This means instances like this can occur occasionally. However, whenever they do, we do feedback to DPD and explain that this is not the service we pay for. Generally this fixes the issue.

We have already contacted DPD in regards to this specific driver, and are confident this will resolve the issue.

If you have any issues in the future with deliveries, please contact team@huel.com first who can get on the case straight away. In this instance we could have requested the driver go back to redeliver on the same day rather than having to arrange collection yourself.


Thanks, Gulliver.

They are all self-employed and under very strict monitoring so he is probably feeling the pressure.

I never go shopping and everything is delivered to home and in my experience DPD is the best service for a consumer.

I would recommend when you get the tracking info edit your delivery and leave instructions that it can be signed for by reception.

Cheers guys. I’ve gotten so tired of companies ignoring delivery complaints that I tend not to bother complaining; I just scratch them off my shop list when I have problems myself.

I saw this thread as an opportunity to check out how you deal with these experiences & hoped you’d be as helpful as you have indeed proved to be. Nice one :slight_smile: & I hope that doesn’t sound patronising.

BTW I’ve had lots of problems with couriers as my last two addresses have been somewhat hard to find. I think DPD is the only company that hasn’t let me down yet. Their current tracking system is great too.

Just a quick follow-up for everybody who’s reading this to praise Huel’s customer service; I placed a new order which was delivered to me today, and @Gulliver_Huel e-mailed me this afternoon to make sure I was happy with how the delivery process had gone (I am! :slight_smile: ).


I’ve just ordered my first batch of Huel after trying a friends, and I’m a bit annoyed that DPD didn’t seem to even bother to deliver to the instructions. I was never going to be in but specified that it can be left around the back preferably, or with a neighbour.

But I just got the text saying they couldn’t deliver as no one was in, is there any way to get them to turn back and drop it off? I was kind of relying on that today.

AHHAH missed the DPD delivery twice now! …no one available to sign’ :sob:

The DPD/Huel set up is good - except the default is needing a signature - I’m down to dust and almost out!

Mine doesn’t need a signature and I get a text when delivering and if I’m not home I get them to leave it with a neighbour - not had any bother.

Mine was left in a designated safe place when delivered earlier this week and an actual photograph was attached in the DPD app so that I knew where it had been left - more than happy with the service from both the guys at HUEL and DPD

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After having a missed delivery a couple of months ago I now have all my DPD deliveries sent to a pick up shop which for me is either a Halfords open until 8pm or a Sainsbury local open to 11pm the bonus with using the Sainsbury’s is I get 25 Nectar points for every parcel I collect from them. This is by far the most convenient delivery method for me & I would imagine it’s probably easier for the DPD driver too.
All I did was use the DPD Android app to set it up, now I just get on with my life and collect the parcels when I get the email, no more waiting in for hours at a time.

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Great tips, thanks team!

I’m using Amazon.