DPD delivery fail - do they lie?


I have been sitting at home waiting and looking out of the window throughout the delivery slot. My mother has been home literally all day day. Despite this, DPD have sent me a message to say they could not deliver the parcel because no one is home. I have tried to phone them to complain but whatever number I call on, I just get an automated service. Seems a bit rubbish to me… Has anyone else had this problem?


Sounds like they may have gone to the wrong address? Either that, or for whatever reason the driver didn’t want to deliver to you today, and thought that was a virtually fool proof excuse. More fool him/her, if that’s the case.


In the link from the Email I have received from Huel/DPD, it says “Sorry, we were unable to deliver your parcel as there was no one present to sign for the delivery; we left calling card number 77845614.” There is no calling card. I hate being lied to…


Sounds like a delivery address failure then.


Best off emailing Huel customer services and they can investigate it for you, team@huel.com


Really bad when couriers do this. I used to get this sort of thing from Yodel. Thankfully, they have improved dramatically over the last few years. Never had problems with DPD so far, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Thankfully my orders are arriving no problem to my pick up point, again I ordered last night at 5.15pm ( mint choc powder :yum: ) and it was in my pick up shop at 9.30 this morning. Had an issue with Halfords last year saying the Huel box was too big but my local much smaller chemist takes it in.


How weird :thinking:


DPD do this all the time - they will however make 3 delivery attempts before returning it to sender. So probably the fastest way to get your parcel is to contact DPD and ensure they have the correct address and arrange a re-delivery on a day that suits you (and put a note on your door saying ‘DPD - I am home, please knock loudly and wait for me to come to the door’… just in case)

Edit: Also if you have a smart-phone you can download the DPD app, and on this you can check your parcel status and delivery address and also choose your redelivery options.
They don’t always follow instructions though… but fingers crossed!!


Agree - get the app to see where they are.

I recently tracked them on it to my door and they said no one was home but that’s when i found out the intercom phone :telephone_receiver: wasn’t properly seated, so even though they buzzed the apartment I didn’t know about it!


Yep, being able to track them is super helpful.


Hey guys, thanks so much for all the replies. I have calmed down a bit now - first world problems and all that! I will definitely download the app, that’s great advice. Fingers crossed for tomorrow :slight_smile:


The parcel arrived on schedule today. I had a nice chat with the DPD driver, who asked what was in the Huel boxes as he delivers so many of them :slight_smile:


Glad it arrived !
I also get lots of interest from the delivery drivers - they are confused why I get these Huel parcels so often - ‘what is it?’ they say… But even when you tell them they don’t get it and they ask again next time :laughing:


DPD brought my coffee flavour Huel this afternoon. Will try it for lunch tomorrow as I already had my dinner (and calories) all planned for today.


I’m not going to say it’s because they’re men and they weren’t listening, but… :rofl:


Nah, that was really unfair of me, I shouldnt have said that. They were probably distracted by the 32HH!!!


Hahahaha I am never gonna live that comment down am I ?!



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