Anyone else had problems with DPD Local or DPD?

Let me preface this by saying that Huel itself is the best thing in the world. It’s convenient, tastes good for what it is, and I’ve had no problems with it so far.

However, DPD (the delivery people they use) is by far the worst delivery company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. Their drivers are put on some sort of ridiculous 90s per parcel schedule. So most of the time, the driver rings my doorbell and despite the fact that I answer the intercomm and say “I’ll be right down”, the driver still tells me that he might not be able to wait. I’ve missed deliveries because of this, as I live on the third floor of a flat. And for today, I paid the extra 2 pounds for a Saturday delivery because I won’t be in for the rest of the week. I was in all day waiting, and guess what? I received an email saying they had missed me. I didn’t even hear the bell ring! Huel really really needs to use a better shipping company.

Has anyone else had similar problems with them?

I actually find DPD the best parcel delivery company.

A solution to your problem however would be to re-direct the delivery to a DPD depot or pick up point and collect it from there once it’s ready. I’ve started doing this more and more now especially as the time slot I was given by another parcel company recently was “7am - 9pm” and Amazon deliveries don’t even give slots.

Once you get your email from DPD there will be instructions on how to send it to a local pick up point.

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I’ve downloaded the app on my phone & they leave my box where instructed & even take a photo of the location! You may have a dodgy person(s) as opposed to company!


DPD are my favourite delivery company - I have never had any problem with them to date. I think a lot of it will depend in the individual driver rather than it being a company problem.

In 13 years of having things delivered by various companies, DPD had always been one of my favourites, Yodel and My Hermes are by far the worst.


Worse than Parcelforce? It’s 2017 and they can’t even tell you what day something is coming, let alone which hour.

Yodel and My Hermes throw things over your fence and call that delivered, type “My Hermes” into youtube, you’ll see them leave items in your rubbish bin, in the rain, climb up trees and shove items through an open window…

Yes, they are truly the worst. My Hermes are all self-employed so there is really no-one to complain to, their office staff don’t give a crap.

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DPD by far the best, customisable delivery options up until the last minute

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Yep. By far the worst delivery company I have ever had to use.

They frequently lie.

  • I’ve been told that a parcel is coming on a given day and it doesn’t.
  • I’ve been told that the parcel is waiting for me at a delivery location and when I go there (out of my way) to pick it up it’s not there.
  • I’ve been told a few times that they missed me at my home, but they never came. (I work from home, and can see out the front.)

I suppose one of these could be miscommunication, but not all.

I would never use them to send anything myself, but I guess I have no choice for deliveries others send to me.

@wjhuel and @whizbang I’m really sorry to hear about your experiences with DPD. As the company that has chosen to use DPD we must take some responsibility. If you have problems with your Huel deliveries like you have described, I implore you to contact us on Our customer service team are great at dealing with issues like this (and most others!) and will be able to raise complaints directly.

I must stress that many delivery issues are not a reflection on DPD but rather more localised and often the drivers in your area. I imagine that you have the same delivery driver each time to your homes, respectively. There are occasionally rare bad drivers that will causes you more problems than everyone else.

We have used other couriers in the past and none compare to DPD who give many in-flight options if you aren’t going to be in as well as local depots to leave parcels along with a 1 hour delivery slot. There really is no need to be waiting in all day to receive your parcel if you allocate chosen neighbours or safe places to leave your parcel.

Again, on behalf of Huel I’m sorry for the issues you have had and ask to contact us if you have problems in the future. Complaints to the courier from the client (Huel Ltd.) hold far more weight than coming from the customer.

Thank you for sticking with us regardless :blush:

Actually, I’m not. I’m trying, but I can’t.

I appreciate your comments, people. I suppose my only other deliveries are from Amazon and they use Royal Mail, so I’ve not had the misfortune of dealing with all the other notorious courier companies that you’ve quoted above.

For now, I have to get dpd to deliver to my local sainsburys, which is only a 10-minute walk away, but still, I wish they’d have the ability to deliver to my door.

I’m afraid I may have lost the DPD driver lottery, too. No one ever showed, and the website suggests I reference a slip that was never actually left. This is my first order, and I am so disappointed! Lesson learned. If I order again, it will not be on a Thursday. Now I get to wonder where my package is all weekend.

I had a situation where, when I requested the parcel be delivered to my local sainsbury’s, they stuck a label with the new instructions over my name on the pack.

Fortunately Huel brand their boxen pretty well and I was able to identify that it was a box with Huel written all over it, but it could have gone very wrong, for example if two people had ordered huel and one wanted gluten free.

I have the same problem. I’m at home working and I was expecting a package. I’ve been checking the website periodically to make sure there were no problems because I’ve always had problems with DPD. It’s now my delivery slot and this A55H0L3 of a delivery driver, delivered by parcel to the concierge instead of ringing my doorbell. Sometimes they don’t even bother. It’s like they aren’t being paid to do their jobs. It makes me not want to order another package if it’s going to be like this.

I’m having a terrible time with DPD Local right now. I shipped a parlour classical guitar to Italy on 22nd December, they couldn’t find the address in a town and returned it to me in UK. They agreed it was their fault and re-shipped it and had the same delivery problems and the buyer drove 45klm to collect from them. When he opened it it was in three pieces despite the incredible packing. I paid extra for it to be covered to value of £550 and then they informed me of small print saying damage covered to £100 only. What a disgraceful operation they are. image

I’d say don’t fret…but that’s just for the sake of a pun. :frowning:

I have had a problem recently with DPD. I usually have my Huel delivered to Halfords by my work as I am not home in the day and being in a small block of flats my neighbours are usually out too, and there isn’t anywhere to leave it safe. So Halfords is brilliant for me as I can nip in after work and pick up my Huel and there open till 8PM. So recently I put my order in for Huel and got the usual email and text message on the 14th May saying when it’s going to be delivered with the usual options if your not going to be at home. So as usual requested Halfords, and got the usual confirmation messages it will be delivered to Halfords on the 15th May. But on the Morning of the 15th got a message from them saying the parcel isn’t suitable to be delivered to my pick up point so will be delivered to my address instead, which was absolutely no good to me at all as I said before. I queried it with Huel customer service, who was very good to be fair, they looked into it for me and said apparently my local DPD don’t drop off anymore at pick up points. They couldn’t find out why only it was an internal decision.So I had to cancel and get a refund for the time being and decide what I can do as there depot isn’t close to me.

Really sorry to hear that. Super strange that the local DPD just decided not to send to pick up shops, I wonder why that was - lack of staff or something?

Have you managed to sort this out now and resume your sub?

No not yet Tim, it is a pain with some couriers here as there depots are miles away so was handy DPD having pick up points near by.