DPD - Post here your experience with DPD

Today I expected my shipment of Huel
24x RTD

Arround 16kg

As I needed to leave for work, and opened the tront door. To my suprise I found the box. As I have a “smart” doorbell I know it has not even been pressed. And I was at home at the moment of delivery.

The delivery note stated. Delivered trough mailbox. That’s quite a trick.


I have never experienced any issues with DPD delivering my powdered Huel, but bizarrely when my RTD was delivered they delivered it to my downstairs neighbour…same driver who knows me…and I was in - he left me a card saying where he had taken it, obviously it was too heavy to carry upstairs.

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Haha yeah they’ve just about had it with RTD. @Huel aren’t you in the Netherlands or something? Didn’t realise DPD was the courier in other countries too

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Yes, but I am reading a lot of the same experience throughout europe

All couriers are shite.

The 2 DPD drivers here whinge about coming down to my house (I’m in a rural area) every single time. I really wish the company would just switch to the regular post.

I must be in a minority because I’ve known my DPD driver for years and he’s the most brilliant courier driver I’ve ever met. We get a one hour window and he’s always within a minute of the start of that window, can set your clock by him.


I agree with ye…dpd has been fantastic in my experience thus far!..

Thanks for sharing! We need comments like this to have a weighted view.

No problems with DPD in Norwich:

I’ve never had problems with DPD delivering my Huel but I had problems with them delivering some sports gear to my work. They didn’t even attempt to get in the building, just took a picture of the front door and drove off, had to rearrange the delivery to a collection point. Other DPD deliveries have made it to work ok so :woman_shrugging:

No problems here. Granted I’ve only had 3 deliveries but all were all within the window with a text and email to let me know it had been delivered and a photo of my package in my ‘secure’ location.

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Happy to say I’ve had no problems at all with DPD so far.

Never had issues with DPD, I dread deliveries from Yodel.
Seems like it is just down to a postcode lottery as to how the individual driver acts.

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Always been happy with DPD, by far the best courier out there at the moment…

Their App works really well and it’s easy to see when they’ll be delivering items.

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Most of the time DPD are fine where I live, i get the occasional screw up, the worst being around Christmas when they attempted delivery at a house a mile from my house… Nope, not the house next door, but a mile away.:rofl:

For my Huel deliveries they have been great, always arrived when expected so can’t fault them.

DPD always been fine for me, be it when delivering to my door, leaving in a safe space, or leaving at a local drop off point

Not just for Huel, but across a range of online purchases I have found DPD to be comfortably and consistency the best courier company in the UK. The delivery slots and tracking of driver is spot on, and i often get a photo if they leave the parcel in a safe place.

DHL and Yodel seem to be widely used by I cannot imagine why as they have always been rubbish for me. Royal Mail are generally ok but i find they are often keen to return packages to the post office which means i can’t get them till the weekend due to working, whereas couriers leaving items in a safe place of with neighbors is more convenient.

Just my experiences.


DPD are brilliant, I’m always pleased when they are used for a delivery. No other courier gives such an accurate and narrow delivery window (always spot on in my experience), and being able to track the driver using the app is great too.


DPD are totally rubbish in my area.
I’ve already moaned in great deal elsewhere on the forum about this, so to summarise briefly:

  • no time slot given (drivers here don’t carry tracking devices)
  • app simply states ‘delivery by 9pm’
  • appalling customer service
  • drivers randomly misdeliver but swear blind they have handed to you personally and they even sign your name for you
  • parcels frequently take a week long scenic tour of the uk and then get lost in a depot 300 miles from both its original location AND my house
  • drivers / loaders are really rough with parcels and stuff frequently arrives damaged, squashed, slashed or spilling down the garden path…

None of these complaints are specific to Huel - I’ve actually so far luckily received all my Huel parcels, but only because I have honest (or Huel hating?) neighbours who own up to having my parcel even when there’s no card through my door, and the App states ‘handed to addressee/ resident’