Love Huel, hate DPD

Out of my last four orders, three have been delayed because of DPD. I don’t know why Huel uses them. It’s always the same excuse: Your driver won’t be able to come back today as they cover a wide area on a tight schedule. This happens regardless of the time of delivery.

Yesterday they said my delivery was refused - I was in all day. For some reason they even sent me a picture of my Huel, like it was being held hostage.

I rearranged delivery for today and it’s still sat in the depot.

When I tweeted about it, the Huel team told me to DM them to help sort it out, and then didn’t reply, which is just salt in the wound really.

I’m so close to trying an alternative to Huel - any, as long as they don’t use DPD to deliver.

Gaah! Had to get that off my chest.

Hey David, so sorry to hear you are getting a run around from DPD and we weren’t sharp enough responding to your DM. I’ve just checked in with the team and it sounds like one of the team have replied to your Twitter DM now. I will leave it to you guys to sort out there.

No courier is perfect, generally DPD are great and probably one of the best in the country. I realise the bar isn’t that high, but we honestly believe if we used another courier we would have a huge amount more complaints. I realise that isn’t what you want to hear but we will get your delivery sorted.

Yes. I deal with loads of couriers and in my area DPD is on the top 3 alongside APC and UPS. Admittedly over Christmas period they had several relief drivers and I had a headache. The regulars are good, although the complaints of bashed boxes don’t just apply to Huel. Hermes have always been rubbish but to give them credit have been really good recently, so much so that I actually use then to send stuff now. DHL are pants, although to be fair we seem to have a new driver on this route and my last 2 deliveries this week were spot on. First time in ages I haven’t had to raise a complaint. I think it all depends on where you are based.

Yep, the team have been great - and I’m sticking with Huel (don’t know who I was trying to fool saying I’d go elsewhere :sweat_smile:)

Maybe it is the case nationally that DPD are great, but in my neck of Liverpool we’ve only ever had issues with them. No issues with Royal Mail or Amazon, and Hermes is ok, but DPD have never been good to us. Hopefully over time they’ll shape up - it’s a new build (been here for a year) so I expected teething pains with post, but not for a whole year!

Oh no it sucks that you’ve had trouble with DPD! I’ve had a bit of a bamboozle with them myself (tried to change an address because I was away for the weekend and then they delivered it to the other address once I’d come home again, fail) but maybe I’ve lucked in that our local DPD guy is absolutely lovely and super helpful.

I hope your huel comes soon!

Happy to report that DPD still do an excellent job in my area, north Cheshire.

I guess we have to bear in mind that with the pandemic on there’s a load more deliveries happening and so they’ve had to take on more staff.

Multi-drop parcel delivery is a tough gig so some people may give it a go and abandon the idea when something they perceive as easier shows up, thus staff churn will also have increased.

Have not had too many issues with any of the delivery companies really but I’m down to 2 bags of Huel so will order more shortly, time will tell!

Ah, spoke too soon re. DHL. They’ve f*cked it up again for me today. Nice!

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Take heart that it’s a universal constant amongst courier companies. My last Fedex Huel delivery took them 1 day shy of 2 weeks from pick up to drop off. The latest delivery is sat on the local depot floor somewhere and is 2 days past original scheduled delivery day and counting.

I’m expecting a DHL package this afternoon and have been given an hour’s delivery slot. I have had no problems with them so far so have high hopes.
EDIT Delivered within given time-slot :+1:

Yes, as said previously, it is where you live, they are good in some places. Unfortunately absolutely rubbish here.

Well, great. DPD just sent me a message to say they’ve missed me. I have been in all day. I even left a note for them to just leave it outside the gate and I’ll come and get it. They’re not even trying to deliver this package.

To rub salt in the wound the picture they sent to say no-one was in wasn’t even of my road.

I had that with DPD with a Holland and Barret order. It turns out they had the wrong postcode and were trying to deliver to the wrong road

Hallelujah! It arrived. Funnily enough, at 8am I was told Ryan would be delivering my package, then at 9 it changed to Paul. Paul came through and now I have my Huel.



Nice of @RyanT and @Coup to work it out between them. :upside_down_face:

Glad you got your Huel, phew